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galaxy s4 active

Samsung inadvertently confirmed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active in a changelog slip-up earlier, and now the device might have broken cover in these latest leaked images. What you see above and below is said to be the rugged version of Samsung’s fastest selling phone ever. There are some interesting things to take away from this image.

Of immediate note is the bright, red chassis housing this device. We can’t tell if it’s metal (it’s rumored to have metal workings) or some other kind of material, but it doesn’t appear to be the slippery plastic that Samsung is known for.

Turning the device around, you can also notice some hardware buttons for home, back and menu arranged in Samsung’s favorite order. They’re not unlike the buttons we saw on the Samsung DROID Charge, the company’s first 4G LTE smartphone. We imagine all of the buttons had to be given the tactile treatment in order to be as rugged as this device is supposed to be.

As for how rugged it’s supposed to be, we’re still not entirely clear on that. Earlier rumors suggest the device will be engineered to at least low-grade  military spec, which would be sturdy enough for mostly anyone working in the field.

galaxy s4 active 3


Samsung will want to keep this device sleek and slim to stay true to the Galaxy S name, and we’re not sure how that sort of balance will be achieved by the company. Whatever happens, though, this is just one of many steps the company will take to break into enterprise, military and government, and if this image is an accurate representation of what’s to come then we couldn’t be more excited.

[via GSMArena]

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