OUYA joins forces with MakerBot, lets users make custom 3D-printed consoles

To go with the open approach to the OUYA console, the company has teamed with MakerBot to offer users the chance to customize the look of their Android-based gaming system using the Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. Bad ass.

MakerBot has created the necessary .stl files to functionally fit the innards of the OUYA, but what intrepid designers do with the enclosure is up to them. All the files necessary to completely customize the 3D model and send to a printer are provided.

The one catch is you will need to own an expensive 3D printer or at least have access to one. Thankfully, there are quite a few companies offering 3D printing services, so the project is feasibly affordable. Head over to the Thingiverse page for all the details.

[Thingiverse via OUYA Boards]

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    I dont know what changed with phandroid.com but the web page no longer formats properly in chrome for android. It is really annoying that we cant see all of the text in the articles without scrolling left and right. Maybe its my phone im not sure but every other website is fine.

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      Glad it’s not just me.

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  • Montisaquadeis

    There are a ton of these types of printers and some are quite low in cost as low as $599 and maybe even lower so it is feasible for the average hobbyist to do this at home.