Carphone Warehouse offering free tablet with Galaxy S4 pre-order, starts tomorrow


UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced it will be begin pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 starting tomorrow, March 28th. As a special offer, the first 2,000 to reserve the upcoming flagship smartphone will get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. All pre-orders will receive an accessory pack featuring a car charger, screen protector, and case.

The store is anticipating high demand for the phone, with COO Graham Stapelton noting “this handset…smashed all the registration records we’ve held for Samsung devices.” He believes sotres could be busier for the launch of the Galaxy S4 than during the typical holiday season. To accommodate, some stores will stay open for extended hours.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is pegged for an April 26th release through the retailer. Head over to their registration page for more details.

[via MobileToday]

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  1. Cuz Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is one of the biggest flop from samsung….. it’s such a shitty tablet…

    1. I have one. i wouldnt say its shitty. Its just old and wasnt Samsungs best device made. But you still get a roughly $150 tablet for free. Not too shabby.

      Sell the tablet and your existing phone and this makes the S4 about half price.

    2. I had the Tab 2. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the screen quality. The Touchwiz Icons looked too pale and washed out. A tablet from a strong manufacturer with dual cameras on a 7 inch display for $150ish is pretty solid. I am now on an iPad 4 and the Retina Display is beautiful.

    3. It’s not the best tablet ever made but it’s far from the worst.

  2. Free is Free. No one ever gives free stuff away and when they do be thankful.

  3. Even if the tablet is not the best, it’s still nice to get one for free (worth about $150 on eBay). The free tablet shouldn’t be the reason to buy an S4 but if one plans on getting the phone anyways, might as well get a free Tablet with it.

  4. These r the kind of stuffs that help Samsung get strong preorders n initial sales. Buying a phone n u get a free tablet, Lmao. N it’s not even raffle ticket where u offer 1 or 2 for d ultimate lucky person, it’s 2000 tablets.

  5. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE MAYN quit yo complaining, even if it’s a shitty tablet! c’mon people, you even get a car charger and shizz

  6. no cyanogenmod support of S4 no phone for me then

  7. Just pre-ordered but afterwards the offer changed and says they’ve run out of tablets.

    Will cancel if I don’t find out I’m getting one on Tuesday.

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