Rayman Jungle Potpourri update adds 10 new levels

You didn’t think Ubisoft was going to release Rayman Jungle Run and let it go untouched, did you? Of course not — that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the developer will soon be releasing a great new update for the game in the Google Play Store.

Titled “Potpourri,” this update will add 10 new levels that all offer something a bit different from what’s already available. The jungle has gotten a bit cold in these winter months and snow has fallen upon its inhabitants. You’ll also make use of a new water slide ability to help you tackle those pesky waterfalls that stand in your way.

The game already featured 40 great jungle-themed levels for its standard affair so a free upgrade with 10 extra levels is nothing to sneeze at. Let’s hope they keep rolling well into 2013, but we’ll enjoy this one for now. Unfortunately Android users will have to wait a bit later in the day to download it, but keep an eye on the Google Play Store as it’s sure to pop up any moment now. You can buy Rayman: Jungle Run for $3 at the source link ahead.

[Google Play Store]

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  • http://twitter.com/JBowdacious Jbowdacious

    Now this is positive mobile game development. Unlike EA’s offerings………

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      The only game I felt comfortable buying from EA was Dead Space, and that was only after reading dozens of reviews to make sure it wasn’t crap.