Dec 4th, 2012

We’ve all seen the stats, Android is outgrowing iOS by a ridiculous number, something like for every 4 smartphones shipped, 3 of those are running Android (albeit, Gingerbread — but that’s neither here, nor there). More recently, a study by Gartner showed that Android tablets reached 44% of the market last quarter, just 11% under iPad’s share. There’s no question — there are a lot of Android devices out there.

So, can somebody please tell me why this new data from Chitika is showing that iOS web traffic is almost double that of Android’s? From May to November of this year, iOS tablets and smartphones accounted for 65% of total web traffic, where Android straggled behind at 35%. So, what gives?

To be fair, it’s almost a dead heat when comparing smartphone web traffic alone, which shows us that this new number involves mostly iOS users on their iPads. I guess the simple explanation would be that iOS users really like surfing the web on their tablets. Meanwhile, Android users are just… I don’t know, watching Netflix or something?

Another explanation is that the default view when surfing the web from an Android tablet is set to “desktop view,” which may have skewed those results a bit. As a man who has chosen to forgo Android tablets altogether, I’m curious. What kind of activities do you find yourself doing when on your tablet? Anyone ever crack that browser open for a good web surfing sesh?

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