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Uniquely Android is a series we started last month to shine the spotlight on those apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the platform and provide an experience that you wouldn’t find in most other phones. So far, we have featured Plug In LauncherAirDroid, ShushLlama, Swiftkey 3 and SwipePad.

As some of you might know, I recently upgraded to an HTC One X. And I absolutely love the phone. One major beef I had with it, though, was the lack of settings toggles in the notification bar. I use them a lot, especially the screen brightness, auto-rotate and GPS ones. Fortunately, though, there’s an app for that*.

Widgetsoid allows you to set up a toggle for almost any setting, and takes it a few steps further by permitting you to set up shortcuts to contacts, apps and even Tasker tasks. Another neat option is to set up quick music control options in the notification. Heck, the customizability makes me wish every manufacturer skips putting toggles on their own, and preloads Widgetsoid. Gerard Krupa, thank you for suggesting the app in last week’s post.

*I’ve been pretty annoyed at Apple post the Samsung trial verdict, and wanted to use their own trademarked line which is factually incorrect. Unless you happen to use an Android device, though.

[Play Store link]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Try Power Toggles

    1. Yup, Power Toggles is great.

  2. What? No play store link?
    You mean I actually have to search for the app myself. Pffff LAME!!!!


    Hope it is as awesome as you described!

    1. apologies, just got the device-by-device damages breakdown and was updating previous article, totally slipped my mind.

      1. Yeah, don’t sweat it!
        It’s already awesome that I get to read about cool apps I didn’t know existed. The play store link is just the cherry on top.

        Then again, what is cake without a cherry on top……Nah…just kiddn :P

  3. The galaxy s3 has this automatically. It’s incredibly useful.

    1. Yep, one of the useful things TouchWiz has added from the beginning from the Galaxy S, though these apps let you customize those toggles much more..

    2. If I could customize the toggle order (without flashing a custom mod) emit would be perfect. Well ok maybe they should have gone with ICS blue for the color and not gingerbread green. (same for the battery icon too)

  4. Ravesesh is probably the most incompetent blogger ever…. Where the link at if you gonna recommended us an app. Uniquely incompetent…….

    1. Apologies, I’ve added it. BTW: it’s Raveesh

    2. Too stupid to search the play store for it yourself? He gave the name, can you read? I guess not, you misspelled his name.

    3. How about you give blogging on Phandroid if you’re so great, tough guy?
      Oh that’s right, you’re just an armchair critic who wouldn’t have a clue anyway.

  5. Was using Widgetsoid for a while on my old Dell Streak and found it very handy to toggle radios and GPS on and off as needed to extend the short battery life. Had conflicts with Juice Defender sometimes but overall I was happy with it.
    I installed on my Note but it is somewhat redundant since the same toggles are in the notification pull down and ICS handles radios better anyway. I rarely use them (Widgetsoid or stock).

  6. I hate when people bash the blogger… Raveesh, good job buddy. I enjoy the posts. Sadick Head is apparently a hater

  7. Tried this and Notification Toggle which I kept – just wanted that functionality not more widgets

  8. Legit.

  9. I use notification toggle on my htc 1 s and my nexus 7 tablet it is also pretty awesome tons of options

  10. Umm if you got rid of your crap sense rom you could already have this feature built in (read: aokp)

    1. will in good time. I’ve barely had it a couple of days, my micro sim itself isn’t active yet!

    2. Not necessarily. I mean like he said, they go a little bit further than just toggling certain functions. Though I know what you mean.

    3. You must know there are people out there who will not or cannot run custom ROMS, so what’s the deal?

  11. If you use Apex Launcher you no longer need this. If you add Shortcut – Activity you can add about anything you like. Saves installing an app and added overhead.

    1. but they don’t appear in the notification bar , do they?

  12. Suggestion: Weather Eye link:

    It provides a UI like Google Now, has a extremely minimalsistic app and widgets.
    Try it out.

    1. This is amazing.

    2. Oh my gosh!! I think the lockscreen on some custom ROMs use this. It looks just like it. I’ve always wanted it!! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how happy you’ve just made me.

  13. Notification Launcher does this. Anyone know how they differ?

  14. Cool app, and one I’ll definitely look at when I pop a stock Jellybean rom on my One X.
    I should point out though, with the latest update from HTC, as well as the menu button update, the One X gets the Quick Settings toggles back in the notification bar like older devices, so you probably won’t need this for long!

  15. ” I recently upgraded to an HTC One X. And I absolutely love the phone.” Give it sometime and you’ll hate it. Or at least that’s what happened to me. Yes, It’s a lot of power in your hands but… for what?
    I’ve realized that for a phone a quad core is a waste. Any application worth using in a phone will work the same with HTC One X’s quad core that it will in a simple Nexus.
    So, if you don’t plan to compile source with your phone all that power does is just one thing: Deploy your battery.

    I can’t believe that I can’t play with my phone for more that 1 hour without deploying 40% of the battery… and I hoped future roms will help this (as it happened with the desire). But, until now, I live depending on the usb cable…

    Next time mi first concern for buying a phone will be mainly battery life…

    1. By the way I forgot: many non HTC roms solve your issues with toggles. I’m using right now a MIUI one that has not only a lot of customizable toggles but also something I just love: onthefly control permission customization for each app. I can, for example, prevent facebook app from using the gps, or from using 3g data… It’s just a must have for me now.

      1. Mentioned somewhere below regarding a custom ROM:
        will in good time. I’ve barely had it a couple of days, my micro sim itself isn’t active yet!

  16. MoreQuicklyPanel seems to be more configurable.

  17. I’ve been using widgetsoid since my OG Droid days. Its a great app for those handy toggles. On my OG Droid I just had a widget on my main screen with 5 different toggles. Now on my G-Nexus I have 7 different toggles on my notification bar with the ICS color. The customization of widgetsoid is nice…. When someone gives me their phone so I can install apps that are handy, this is one of the first one that I get them.

  18. play store is beyond toxic….i thought i had this app but when I went to look it wasnt listed under ‘my apps’…..was listed on ‘all apps’ on my phone though…wtf is up with google??? effing list isnt even in alphabetical order! App is decent…thanks for mentioning it

  19. It’s funny because I looked at Widgetsoid and like so many other apps, it would appear the author has done a RIM and stopped giving a damn, hence why the app doesn’t follow Android Design Guidelines.

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