Aug 26th, 2012

Uniquely Android is a series we started last month to shine the spotlight on those apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the platform and provide an experience that you wouldn’t find in most other phones. So far, we have featured Plug In LauncherAirDroid, ShushLlama, Swiftkey 3 and SwipePad.

As some of you might know, I recently upgraded to an HTC One X. And I absolutely love the phone. One major beef I had with it, though, was the lack of settings toggles in the notification bar. I use them a lot, especially the screen brightness, auto-rotate and GPS ones. Fortunately, though, there’s an app for that*.

Widgetsoid allows you to set up a toggle for almost any setting, and takes it a few steps further by permitting you to set up shortcuts to contacts, apps and even Tasker tasks. Another neat option is to set up quick music control options in the notification. Heck, the customizability makes me wish every manufacturer skips putting toggles on their own, and preloads Widgetsoid. Gerard Krupa, thank you for suggesting the app in last week’s post.

*I’ve been pretty annoyed at Apple post the Samsung trial verdict, and wanted to use their own trademarked line which is factually incorrect. Unless you happen to use an Android device, though.

[Play Store link]