Lenovo, ZTE pip Apple in China smartphone share


It’s always good to see Apple beaten at an actual game: marketshare. And this time around they’ve been handed a defeat by Lenovo and ZTE. Lenovo came all the way from #7 to #2 in the Chinese smartphone marketshare rankings, while ZTE moved up from #4 to #3. Samsung’s got the top-spot with a 19% share of a market that saw 87 million units shipped, which made it the first time  more smartphones have been shipped than feature phones in the country. All statistics were provided by IDC.

[Business Insider]

Raveesh Bhalla

[Update: Complete device-by-device breakdown, jury instructions added] Samsung planning various arguments for its appeal

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  1. Tsk, tsk… Such a wonderful phone, too…

  2. Yeah take that apple! That victory in china surely indicates your demise and you will now go bankrupt and stopped from selling millions of iPhones!

  3. Who the hell would buy an iPhone in China?!?

  4. Upside down Motorola Razr much….

    1. Upside down, yes
      Motorola RAZR, nope.

  5. the steriotypes are true the chineese are a smart people. this right here proves they are smarter consumers than Americans. acctualy thinking back to last semester I was studing marketing in different cultures and the Chinese are actually very smart consumers they don’t just throw money away because of a fancy logo they buy only what they really need. and no one really needs an over priced phone that is underspeced because it an a peice of fruit on it.

    1. Yeah, but then you hear about the Chinese guy who sold his kidney to buy an ipad and iphone. Apple’s a top image brand in China (like here in the US) and the Chinese are pretty image conscious as well. So instead they’ll go and get the counterfeit Apple stuff. It’s still welcome news, just don’t play up the smart consumer angle too much.

  6. wtf is an apple iPhone ? is it the galaxy s look alike lol ?

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