Google Wallet support restored for Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE

When new owners of the HTC EVO 4G LTE booted up their handsets for the first time, many were disappointed to find that Google Wallet was not supported on the Sprint device. This was odd considering Sprint is just about the only carrier that officially supports Google Wallet. There was some speculation that this move had something to do with rumors of the carrier launching their own Wallet competitor, but we can now say that this is not the case. As of last night, Google Wallet support has been restored to the EVO 4G LTE.

We have received multiple reports this morning from users who have been able to add card information and use it to make purchases as well as recover their ¬†Google prepaid account balance. EVO 4G LTE owners who haven’t checked already should be able fire up Wallet and give it a go.

[Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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  • Scott Tompkins

    Still no dice :(

    • Kevin Cook

      Me neither.

  • Keith Myers

    Still no luck here. I am uninstalling the wallet update and re-installing it. There is still no excuse or explanation for nearly 1 MONTH of downtime.

    • Keith Myers

      Nope – Still useless

  • Artem Russakovskii

    No go on my EVO LTE.

  • ItsMeCD

    Not so much here.

  • Oliver Almare

    Nope…not working.

  • Shawn

    Count me in the not working department as well

  • sullivan7221

    still no go. says unsupported country!!

  • 3voJoe

    No luck for me :( I just really want to try it out!

  • Dez

    It started working for me last night after a reboot.

  • Timothy Kozuki Vsetecka

    Still not working :(

  • 814 htc evo

    yep still a no go on my end as well :( :( and I’m excited for jelly bean but seriously google how many phones even have ics yet? let alone how many new phones come stock so far with ics?! ughhh fix our wallet and we better get jelly bean unlike the 3d evo I had before the LTEVO which is still ice cream less to this day :( :( :(

  • Jerome OnmyGrind Conrad

    No go on my EVO 4G LTE

  • kevlowe

    Still not working, even after a restart, uninstall, etc…

  • mhmmd123

    Is not working on my EVO 4G lte yet.

  • 814 htc evo

    once again still a no go, on my end :(

  • Bradford

    You tease! No go on mine.

  • 814 htc evo

    yep still a no go on my end…

  • eduardo

    Nothing yet

  • Beaster1174

    I just installed the latest update, still not working. I still get the error.