My Verizon app updated to support Share Everything plans, data monitoring widget goes on hiatus


If you are a Verizon customer you may have noticed an update available for the My Verizon app found on most of the carrier’s Android devices. The new version enables the app to properly reflect Verizon’s upcoming Share Everything plans and allow customers to manage the shared data the new service options provide. In the meantime, the accompanying widget that allows users to monitor their data usage has been deactivated while Big Red works on a new version that will be compatible with the carrier’s new service plans. These plans go live tomorrow and allow multiple users to dip into a single bucket of data, voice, and text with pricing starting at $50/month for 1GB of bandwidth (with an additional per device charge).

[via The Verge]

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  1. I hate these new plans from Verizon.

  2. Glad I am not switching to the new even more over priced plans. I think Ill keep what I have and pay less but get more lol.

    1. when your contract is over they will prob force you into the new plan unless you switch carriers sort of what their doing with the grandfathered unlim data customers

      1. or deal with the pain of full retail cost to not lose it.

        1. To get around that bs I just opened an additional line on my account. Got a Droid bionic for free. Switched my new bionic to my primary line and set up a basic phone on the new line. Yes this does cost me an additional $10 per month. But I got a new phone and kept my unlimited data!

  3. They don’t need to disable/remove the data tracking widget. That helps us not go over it without having to go into the app all the time. I’m sure that’s what they want tho.. us to lose track of how much data we’re using on these stupid tiered plans..

  4. Now that’s just ridiculous… Seriously how hard is it to test/deploy software on a plan you rollout? And this share data is ridiculous on family data plans.

  5. Verizon obviously got rid of a functional data widget because, “Customers asked us to be blindsided with high shared data plan overages” See people, they just asked the same folks who “asked” for shared data plans… Its a shame for all of us that the only people which they “asked” were stockholders…

  6. I was wondering what was up with the widget recently

  7. If you upgrade a line after today how will it affect a family plan with all unlimited data?

    1. the entire family plan will be converted over to data share… or you’ll need to upgrade at full price.

  8. NOT liking these new plans :(

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