Google Wallet Not Supported on Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE?


Things aren’t looking so hot for Google Wallet. We told you last week about a piece of leaked intel exposing Sprint’s plans to introduce their own wallet-like service for devices on their network, bringing into question the fate of Google Wallet on the only carrier to officially back it. It now looks like Sprint may have already begun turning their backs on Google Wallet, starting with the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

There’s been some ruckus over on XDA where users are having trouble getting Google Wallet up and running on their new devices. Like it so often goes in the developer forum, users came up with a workaround that involved tricking Google Wallet into thinking it was a Galaxy Nexus. The result? A perfectly functioning app (for the time being). Once thought to be an issue on Google’s sides of things, things are becoming a whole lot clearer with a new message being displayed for would-be Google Wallet hackers: “Unfortunately, Google Wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device/carrier.” Ouch.

No official word from Google or Sprint on exactly what the problem is, but we have a good idea what’s going on. Looks like the end could be nigh for ‘ol G-Wallet. This isn’t the first time users have been having trouble with Google Wallet either. A few weeks ago, we brought to your attention users who unknowingly bricked Google Wallet after a routine factory reset.

Any Sprint customers upset at this news? Was Google Wallet really ever a “must-have” service for you? Would a decent Sprint alternative suit you just as well?
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  1. So HTC has released yet another device that is not ready for prime time. Lol.

    Good thing they are focused on getting their products right this year.

    1. How is that HTC’s fault?

      1. It’s not. Just typical Google/carrier politics -_-

    2. He is just a fanboy or just dumb

  2. don’t really care about google wallet, or NFC payments at all, at least until there’s a standard. now, if they start screwing with android beam, then i’ll be pissed.

    1. It’s standard enough. I see it in probably 75% of the everyday stores I visit… pharmacy, grocery, gas, garden/builders…

  3. There are still plenty of opportunities left for Google. There are more than four carriers in the world, and the US isn’t exactly on the cutting edge when it comes to rolling out payment advances. I sure hope, for their sake, Google will announce something international soon.

    1. Thanks to politics the U.S. is never on the cutting edge of anything..

  4. personally, I don’t want any of this nfc payments. Admitedly, it would be nice for those moments when you leave your wallet at home or in the car but personally wouldn’t use this type of stuff over a debit card on a regular basis.

    Carriers actively blocking and google wallet breaking if you data reset your phone (if you don’t remove google wallet info prior) just means to me that it’s half baked. If carriers are actively blocking an app like this I would think that would be an anti-trust issue, no? Something about that just screams illegal. Carriers are dumb pipes and should be treated as such.

    1. It would only be anti-trust if they were doing it in concert. Since they’re all looking for their own alternatives, there’s no violation.

  5. These effin carriers need to just let Google do their thing… they are in thee way (as always)..

  6. I got the new EVO LTE and I want my 10 FREE Dollars, NOW!!!

    Also I hate my EVO; Constant Wifi Issues, I also have the bleeding light issues, GPS sucks, also the 3G is crappy.

    Ugh… my 14 days is up tomrrow, now I cant get the S3 any suggestions?

    1. Give it time to update. HTC is always good about addressing issues for early adopters. You are, afterall, beta testing it =p

    2. What constant wifi issues? I don’t have them. I’m assuming it’s your modem or router that’s the issue. I don’t have any light leaks either. GPS is great. No problems there either. 3G is crappy through!

      1. Ditto…but I would have to say my Evo LTE seems faster with 3G than when I had the OG Evo/

  7. Nexus Devices FT-MF-W!!
    google wallet
    built in tether
    unlocked/unencrypted bootloader
    why use anything else…

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