CamDictionary for Android Helps You Quickly Translate Foreign Languages [MWC 2012]

If you’ve ever come across Chinese symbols/lettering and you were completely lost as to what they meant, we’ve found a pretty cool app for you. CamDictionary for Android makes great use of your device’s camera to quickly and easily identify those words.

The app will give you a reticle in which you’ll position the symbol. After a couple of seconds it’ll come back with the word in your language of choice. You are able to translate between 36 different languages, both ways.

To take it a step further, they’ll be bringing updates which allow you to string together full sentences this way. While translation is nothing new, this is a great and easy way to understand text in the physical world where you can’t copy and paste things (in a digital sense). Find our very brief hands-on above and the full list of features below. If you like it, be sure to find it in the Android market here.

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  • Jonathan Roman

    video removed by user…? 

  • ingua2

    good for people who don’t speak English.  AM I RIGHT!?!?!?!  YEEEEAAAAH!

    • Gabe

      You’re such an insensitive, ethnocentric, bigoted American who’s probably overweight, fat, and ugly… Just sayin..  Oh and by the way I can speak English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Korean 

  • Ian Roberts

    Pretty cool. I look forward to this being used with the Google smart glasses.  The pair would make international travel a lot easier.

    Here’s a couple videos of the app in use:

  • endone

    I thought Google Goggles does the same thing? 

    • Artem Russakovskii

      This app can do it offline too, if you buy the dictionary. And Goggles’ translations never work – this app is far superior.

  • Unorthodox

    Never trust Google Translation. I don’t know where the hell they get their dictionary from, but it’s just incorrect or misleading.

  • NightAngel79

    Like the idea, will give this app a go when I finally go to paris :)