earSmart: Can You Hear My Noise Cancellation Now?


After schooling you on MHL this morning, we promised to provide you with part 2 this afternoon. Class is now in session. You’ve probably read and watched a lot of device reviews on Phandroid. In these reviews, you’ve probably seen us point out two microphone holes, usually with one on the bottom of the device and one on the top, that provide enhanced audio via noise cancellation.

Meet one of the companies that make this technology work:

Consumers usually get caught up in buzz words and surface specs such as screen size, megapixel count, and processor size. Rarely do we stop and think about all the different companies producing all the different complex components and chips that make these gadgets work. And we complain about prices, but look how SMALL this chip is, listen to what it does, and think of how many other components are taken into consideration, engineered, and assembled in all the different gadgets you own.

It’s actually pretty amazing.

In the land of B2B, earSmart probably gets plenty of accolades and attention. But in the eyes (and ears) of consumers, they’re product is a brandless feature we rarely/quickly mention in passing before moving onto the sexier elements of the devices we love. But in this post, earSmart, we want to recognize your work, in gadgets past, present, and future.

Side question/note: one company that has done an absolutely amazing job at turning a relatively unexciting component into a household name and beloved gadget feature is Corning with their Gorilla Glass. Can you think of any other companies who have elevated their brand in such a way?

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  1. How right you are! We are so “component-ignorant” so often that we rarely recognize anything but the name and company representing the phone itself. So many companies provide “parts” or these devices that it is actually staggering to think about. Great post and thank you for pointing this out!

  2. 18 wheel drivers know full about noise cancellation. many companies tout it but. only one delivers.

    BT250 by VXI           know one knows i’m in an 18 wheeler driving down the highway unless i tell them.

  3. It is incredible how tiny that chip is.  That is some awesome engineering.  :)

  4. Intel Inside.   They put that little 3 toned earbug of a ditty into your head.  You can hear it right now while you’re reading this, right?  

  5. Beat by Dre Audio. Would that be in the same category as Corning Gorilla Glass?

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