Access media and control the Sony Xperia Ion with your TV’s remote [MWC 2012]


Sony is making the connected home a reality via several innovations shown off at Mobile World Congress this year. One involves the way we interact with our smartphones once docked for use as a media player to push content to a larger screen. Using only your television’s remote you can navigate a special UI to find music and videos stored on an Android device. In this case we get a demo featuring the upcoming Sony Xperia Ion.

This sort of technology exists in other handsets and has been a big focus for mobile engineers and developers at MWV this year. As several products such as the ASUS Padfone demonstrate, we are moving towards a future where a single ultra portable smartphone could replace our computers, DVD/Blu-ray players, and MP3 players thanks to ever increasing hardware power and enhanced functionality. Sony’s efforts make it even easier to use a smartphone as your prime media hub, and with controls mapped to a television remote it becomes more convenient than ever.

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  1. Loving it, pretty soon your phone will be the do all device, Media, Web, Lapdock/Tabletdock, cellphones are looking good.  One OS, one device with multiple accessories docks, great stuff.

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