5 Surprises That Could Rock Today’s Samsung, Google Nexus Event


The day has arrived. Today, Google and Samsung will be making a very big announcement in Hong Kong. Beyond some obvious assumptions and minor rumors, much is still left shrouded in mystery. We might simply see the launch of the 3rd generation Google Nexus phone… or we could see something much, much more.

I’ll leave you with some bold possibilities (note: these aren’t predictions) that could really make this event one for the ages.

But first… here are a few things we already know:

  • The event was originally scheduled during CTIA last week in San Diego but the event was cancelled. Although Samsung’s “timing” suggested Steve Jobs’ passing led to the respectful delay, this detail has been debated.
  • The invitation clearly features an Android-shaped Ice Cream Sandwich which obviously points to Android 4.0
  • The event will feature the launch of the 3rd Nexus device, rumored to be called the Nexus Prime or Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The first two Nexus devices were the Nexus One and the Nexus S.
  • A leaked print promotion shows the Galaxy Nexus name, Android 4.0 inclusion, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch screen, Super AMOLED HD Screen

We’ll certainly get a phone with Android 4.0, but what pleasant surprises could we see – from decent chance to far-fetched – that might just come true? Here is my list of potential surprises:

#1 – Galaxy Nexus announced as Verizon Exclusive

The concept of “playing favorites” on a Nexus device, which is supposed to offer the most open and unobtrusive experience, sounds like a no-no. But let’s not forget that never before have all 4 carriers offered a single Nexus device and Verizon hasn’t yet offered EITHER Nexus device (Nexus One or Nexus S). With the announcement of the Droid RAZR for Verizon imminent… this could be a HUGE win for Big Red. However, I’d expect any exclusivity period to be limited.

#2 – Galaxy Nexus Tab – (aka Android 4.0 on the Galaxy Tab)

Thus far, the only device we’ve seen rumored is the Galaxy Nexus but let’s not forget that Android 4.0 is all about the convergence of one platform for many devices (although behind-the-scenes in nature). With Samsung already offering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 among others, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them showing off that device running Android 4.0.

It most likely wouldn’t be new hardware, but it’s possible Samsung shows off their existing lineup of tablets running Google’s most recent version of Android, while offering OTA upgrades to existing Galaxy Tab owners and putting it pre-installed on all new tablets.

#3 – Galaxy Nexus TV – (aka Android Market on Google TV)

Google TV is long overdue for an overhaul: they already promised us that Android Market would be available on Google TV by the end of the summer and summer is past. They already accepted developers into their Google TV “Fish Tank” program that included real hardware from a real manufacturer to test. In case you didn’t know, Samsung makes some absolutely amazing TVs but they have yet to make a Google TV. Only Sony can stake claim to that area (Sony Internet TV with Google).

I’d be surprised to see a new hardware displayed but would not be surprised if Google announced an immediate and concrete date that Android Market would launch on Google TVs. I also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Samsung is a Google TV partner with hardware announcements coming in Q1 (CES?) or “Sometime next year”.

But again, from everything we’ve gathered of this event it is strictly a phone launch… so this is on the “highly desireable but not likely” side of the spectrum.

#4 – Enhanced Voice Commands in Android 4.0

Everyone who has heard about the iPhone 4S is obsessed with Siri, which is essentially advanced voice recognition software and features. I’ve been pretty blown away by critics who call this a major blow to Android. First of all, Android has had some AMAZING voice recognition features for a LONG time now: it’s what I use to compose half of my TXT messages, E-Mails, google searches, driving navigations and a bunch more.

At the beginning of 2011, Google acquired “Say Now”, obviously understanding the future importance of voice recognition software. If Andy Rubin and the gang doesn’t show off new voice recognition features of Android 4.0, I’d at least expect them to show off apps and examples that already provide an awesome experience. Yesterday we posted about Iris, a Siri alternative for Android.

#5 – Google Competes with iTunes, (Google Music)

This isn’t a pipe dream but more a matter of timing. Is the timing now? It wasn’t long ago that Google announced (and launched) Google Music Beta which has seen an interesting but slow start. There is absolutely no doubt that Google will continue their efforts towards selling digital goods and multimedia, with music, movies, television, and books at the heart of those efforts.

The rumors that a Google MP3 store is on the way soon have already circulated and it’s plain as day Google will eventually make a move in this arena. Could the venue move from San Diego to Hong Kong have partially stemmed from the desire to flee record labels with which the Big G is currently feuding? It’s possible, but regardless, further announcements to Google’s music, multimedia, and digital goods services could easily be featured.

What do you think about these potential surprises? Any guesses of your own? Hopes/dreams of your own? Share them in the comments!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. If #1 is correct, I’m walking straight to Tmobile after the announcement and getting the GS2 while cursing Google, Samsung & Verizon.

    1. Unless it’s a timed exclusive, I’ll be doing the exact same thing.

      Even though I’m still helping Google and Samsung while being pissed at them.

      1. Depends on the timing :P Better not be longer than a few weeks

        Yea… would still be helping them with the GS2, but its the best phone out there! (second best after Nexus?)

        1. Yes, the SG2 is cool in many ways.
          But please consider the 800×480 resolution and all the problems being reported with TouchWiz. I’ve read some bad reviews lately.

    2. I’ll actually be switching from Samsung to LG and waiting for a new phone with their new display technology. I hate proprietary monopolistic practices where we as consumers lose. Samsung and Google haven’t let us down in the past, but then again they haven’t catered to Verizon before.

      1. No, but the Droid 1 was a VZW exclusive … guess that doesn’t matter because it was early in the Android crazy, eh? You guys with your TMO, AT&T and Sprint accounts have had access to a non-bloated Nexus phone for quite a while now. How about just letting us VZW customers get a little bloat free Nexus love with out pissing all over it? kmmmkay. Thanks.

      2. Didn’t LG lisence the retina screen only to apple?

    3. Carrier exclusive means that it will be sold in their stores but the Nexus One and Nexus S were not sold in T-mobile’s or AT&T’s stores so we still could see a release on at least Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T at the same time. Also I would say Sprint but you can’t use carrier unlocked phones on their network.

      Why does everyone always forget these details?????

      1. I don’t know that it’s a matter of forgetting. I think it’s that most people aren’t willing to pay retail price for a phone. At least, I’m not. I can’t afford it.

        1. I hear you but I’m cool with it because I save $600 a year over the other guys so paying $530 every year for a new Google phone isn’t so bad for me.

          1. That’s why Americans get so poor. No savings.

      2. You are right, I did forget about that. If that happens, I’ll buy the GS2, sell it on ebay for $550, and use that to buy the Nexus :)

    4. I find it to be highly unlikely. They may carry the device, but not as an exclusive. The rest of the world runs on GSM, and not CDMA. :/

  2. I’m sure it won’t be long before ICS is fed to my transformer

    1. Agreed… ASUS has been awesome about staying on updates.

    2. Rumors were saying the Transformer 2 would be announced tomorrow, too. I wonder if it will also have ICS. Could be another surprise.

      1. ICS and tegra 3? = goodness.

        1. Thank you, about time someone said it. Im not getting any phone unless it has tegra 3, because to be truthful, i have yet to see any phone that blows away my g2x rooted

          1. Kind of not what I meant, I want tegra 3 in a tablet, not smart phone. I don’t think there will be many manufacturers rushing to put tegra 3 in phones
            Sent from ?

  3. I’d be quite surprised if Sammy and Google went to Hong Kong to announce a phone that you can only get on a single carrier in the US.

    1. It will be available elsewhere, but in the US it MIGHT only be available on one carrier at first.

      1. Nexus One and Nexus S 3G were never available in carrier stores so it might be available in one of the carrier’s stores at first but I doubt it will only work on one U.S. carrier.


    i plan on getting this phone as long as it hits the right carrier so i can get rid of my EVO 3d

    1. I haven’t see any news on a Sprint version.

    2. lol

      1. The Evo 3D?? I know.

  5. how about a Moto-esque tablet dock accessory. Standard tablet specs, but the Prime powers it by docking with it. Charge $150 – $200 for it and I think it’s a winner!

  6. Dan Grover: only available on a single CDMA provider in the US, but available on 10s – or 100s – of GSM providers worldwide? Makes perfect sense…

  7. Forsure its coming to at&t. TMO and Sprint can fight over it. The nations slowest and soon to be gone.

  8. Why am I not hyped about this?

    1. Because Samsung is making it.

      1. samsung did a great job in making CPU. and I do think GS2 is one of the greatest android phone ever made.

  9. I hope the source code for ICS is released really soon… I look forward to playing with all of the goodness.

    1. It should be because Google didn’t let Honeycomb out because they didn’t want people putting it on phones until ICS was finished.

  10. I’m looking forward to an announcement regarding the specifications required for devices to receive the update. Fingers crossed for the OG Evo!

    1. If not I’m sure CM will be nice enough to get it to us.

  11. As a Canadian I’m hoping for it to come to AT&T so I can cross the border and unlock it… That is if it comes to the US first, I suppose we did get the SGSII before you guys

    1. I hear that Samsung Canada said that they will get the new Nexus. Are any of the carriers in Canada using CDMA or are they all GSM? I was wondering because most of the Nexus Prime news is about a CDMA version.

      1. Canada has some CDMA folk

        1. Sweet, thanks Rob but I still hope I get a T-mobile/AT&T 3G compatible version.

      2. Bell is CDMA, and this sucks big time, as Bell historically is the biggest Sammy’s partner here in Canada. I’m rooting to a GSM version so I could upgrade my old X10 on Rogers.

  12. Hey Rob. While you are there… Pick up some tailored shirts at The Power Company on Fenwick in Wan Chai. My suit I got there is the best one I have ever owned.

    Just saying. Do us proud! :)

  13. Would google music come with a desktop app like itunes, to sync all your phone.

    1. Nope. It’s all cloud. Once you upload to the cloud it’s automatically on your phone. It would be nice to have that as an option.

      1. Thanks for that.

        I see the point of spotify but I have never seen the point of uploading my 30000 mp3 to the cloud to play on my phone, its just as simple to sync the playlist you wont from your tablet or PC, a desktop program that wirelesly syncs your phone would be way more useful.

        1. Yeah that’s the one of the drawbacks. The initial upload time. The other being playing music without a data connection. Which is why I hope if they go the music route, they offer a desktop program. But I’m not banking on it.

    2. Google Music Beta already syncs your song library from your comp to the cloud.

  14. Hey, let us Verizon folk have our moment. We’ve waited long enough while watching all the other carriers bask in vanilla goodness! :P

    1. Yes I agree. RIP OG Droid

    2. So then stop supporting Verizon and switch to a carrier that offers what you want.

      1. Verizon does offer what I want. Fast 4G. Great coverage. Unlimited everything. Also, did you forget that Verizon is the one that really took Android mainstream?

        On a side note, anyone that bitches about wanting Vanilla android is probably enough of a phone nerd that they should have their stuff rooted by now anyways. You better believe that going from my OG to a DInc, the first thing I did was get Sense off of it and Cyanogen on it.

        1. yuuuup

        2. verizon doesnt have unlimited everything when they cut off your data after capped… and i believe tmo was the first to go mainstream, vzw was just the one who put out a ton of commercials.

          1. I realize TMO had it first, but I can’t name one person that has T-Mobile or had a G1. Let’s be real, unless you were a hard core phone nerd or tech junkie, you probably did know anything about android until the first Moto Droid. Not trying to start a pissing match here.

        3. The rest of the world outside of the US took Android mainstream.. followed by T Mobile who brought Android to the US.. Verizon gets kudo’s for advertising it in a cool way.. This all was almost pulling teeth due to the US carriers technology and frequency issues that are designed to make phones that only work on “their” network.. People forget the beginnings when we in the US were frustrated to see what the Hero and the Magic were capable of, while the carriers in the US were giving us crap.. Still, nice campaign by Verizon.

      2. apparently v’s going to give them exactly that. lol

    3. lol

  15. Why this phone has to be a verizon exclusive they don’t even have google wallet seriously google WTF

  16. The only one I truly hope will come true, but probably won’t is #4 – Enhanced Voice Commands in Android 4.0

    1. you know, phone sex does not mean your phone sound like a girl…or could it? hmmmmm

  17. Wouldn’t it just be awesomesauce if they released a single CDMA version for Verizon, then a single GSM version that works on AT&T AND T-Mobile?

    I can dream, right? =

  18. 20 bucks says that they will announce VZW as the first to carry it and give zero indication as to when other carriers will get it. This is after all what has happened the last two times.

  19. the big 3 canadian carriers all use gsm that is compatible with AT&T (had to learn about all that stuff prior to buying my nexus one) I don’t know of smart phones that use CDMA in canada, I know at least bell used to use CDMA before they put up the new towers a couple years ago

    1. We did see a AT&T/T-mobile compatible version a few weeks ago so I hope I can buy one on the first day for T-mobile.

    2. Actually, the big 3 uses the same HSPA 3G bands as AT&T. Rogers is the only one with a GSM network. Bell and Telus “2G” network is still CDMA.

  20. Its simple, Verizon can have a timed exclusivity for those people that want to buy one under contract. Those of us that never go the contract route should be allowed to order an unlocked CDMA or GSM version online from day 1.
    For those on Verizon saying Verizon deserves a Nexus device… They were originally going to get the Nexus One but refused it going for the Droid Incredible instead.

  21. Is anybody else getting tired of phones constantly getting bigger? I can barely get my Captivate out of my jeans, let alone with a case. Can’t wait for a GS3 with a 6in screen! Jeeez.

    1. Get some man jeans.

    2. Skinny jeans =/= flattering.

    3. wear bigger pants or get an idevice and lisp

  22. Rob, please ask if you have the chance to ask questions about VPN tunnel driver in ICS. This is something that has plagued Android since the launch of OG Droid and Google still has not addressed this. If you can ask a question please ask this as this prevents many companies from making Android a serious OS to use in the corporate space. I hope you get the chance to ask and I hope that the answer is a resounding yes.

  23. With all this discussion about CDMA vs GSM versions… didn’t the iP4S just come out with a hybrid chip? is it Possible to have one going in the Nexus? probably a pipe dream, but as a Verizon user that spends lots of time overseas, here’s hoping for a World phone with LTE… plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz… :D

    1. There are already a few android phones that can handle international quad band. The only reason they might leave it out is cost. Otherwise, it’s not hard for ’em to throw one in there.

    2. The rumors say that the Verizon one will have LTE but that there will also be an AT&T/T-mobile 3G+ model. I think the Samsung GSM model was GT-i9250 like the Nexus S was GT-i9020. The Verizon one is SCH-i515 just like previous Samsung Android phones on Verizon.

    3. iphones for yuppies in pastel

  24. “… while offering OTA upgrades to existing Galaxy Tab owners and putting it pre-installed on all new tablets…” Knowing Samsung, I doubt this will happen. More likely, they will come out with a new tablet that has almost exact same specs as their old ones but with one or two small differentiating features and with ICS and not offer to upgrade the old tablets to ICS for 6-9 months because they want people to be motivated to buy the new tablet :-(

    1. apparently stuff in asia and europe get updates rather quickly

  25. Biggest surprise? A Samsung smartphone that doesn’t look like a knockoff of an iPhone. I’ve yet to see one.

    1. You mean like that Nexus S thing…. ?

    2. The Nexus S looks nothing like an iPhone. It is even curved. Ignorance is bliss.

    3. your ugly, you deserve an iphone

      1. *You’re

        1. i no. lol

      2. Boo. That’s no way to earn respect.

        1. you my friend are for sure a nicer person than i

  26. Show me a computer monitor that doesn’t look like a knockoff of an HP monitor. All square, basically the same proportions, and mostly screen! Obviously copying HP.

    1. huh?

      1. You see, that was meant as a response to Richard Reich, who is somehow below my comment…. Disqus fail.

  27. I think that we will see 2 phones today the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus Prime. The Galaxy would be the Verizon exclusive and the Prime being for all of the other carriers!

  28. i dont really care what it has, except for it to be bader than hell and have a butthole so it can take a shit on the idevice

  29. LMAO at Iris being an alternative to Siri!
    Us this candid camera or April 1st?
    One day we will probably have a similar alternative but I couldn’t get any if them to understand,”remind” me requests.

  30. Great article despite the iris comment. Unoriginal developers couldn’t come up with an original name. Sad that they hate apple so much that the app they create with a name rearranged from the Siri sucks so bad

  31. It will happen!

  32. I will buy all three nexus products!

  33. I’m really hoping that #2 is correct.!! Love to have ICS on my OG Galaxy Tab via OTA sometime this year!

  34. #1 Hoping it isn’t true.
    #2 Hoping if there is a nexus tab that it isn’t on Samsung hardware that is already out, don’t want nexus getting tangled up in the Samsung vs Apple battle.
    #3 Doubt they’ll call it nexus, but maybe there will be a new google tv.
    #4 Can see them showing off beta improvements, don’t think they’ve had enough time to get any solid improvements from the purchase yet.
    #5 Plausible. Not expecting anything huge from this department but plausible.

  35. I’d like that Nexus tv plz.

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