Music Beta by Google is Official

After what seems like ages (really it was just a year), Google’s Music service has finally launched, albeit as an invitation only beta. As reported this morning, the service will allow for the storage of 20,000 songs in the cloud for streaming to any computer or Android device. The emphasis during today’s Google I/O keynote was the smart abilities that Google has developed to help enrich the Music platform. Instant Mix creates playlists automatically based on any by analyzing your music library and matching songs together in a quick mix. Search is as smooth as any you’ve ever seen by Google.

Other functions include smart caching for offline playback of frequently listened to songs and artists. You can also manually cache music for playback when an internet connection is absent.

Those attending Google I/O are among the first to receive an invitation to Music Beta. Everyone else can head over to to request one, though we get the feeling you might be in for a wait. The service will be rolling out in stages to US users first. It will remain free so long as it is in beta, though specifics for a pay model were not discussed.


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  • gohaus

    YES this is awesome and can’t wait to hear the review about the new Galaxy Tab :D

  • Toohard

    Another Beta product! I can’t wait till they fix it in 3 years!!!

    • Martin Golder

      since when did beta mean broken then?

      • NukkaYarrell

        since Toohard came out of his mother’s gape after a failed abortion.

    • Richard Gilboy

      I don’t get it. You haven’t even tried and called it broken. Real smart brobot.

  • Jdog25

    I sent my invite before the guy finished talking about it on stage.

    • gohaus

      As soon as I saw that URL I was like ctrl+t and typing away.

  • SavageJeep

    Who wants to share an invite? (Phandroid, I’m look at you…)

    • NukkaYarrell

      one per customer.. you out.

  • SavageJeep

    You forgot to mention the Music app can be downloaded in the Market now. You can’t stream, but you can get a feel for the new UI.

    • Jdog25

      It is funny because I had installed the leaked version last month and it had those options but the new updated one doesn’t.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Odd, when I go to albums in the new app, mine doesn’t scroll like they were showing. What’s up with that?!?

    • SavageJeep

      Try going landscape and then it’s like you see in the video… Also in the ‘Recent’

  • Sisecondry

    Nice presentation by Kill Bill

    • Rouel


  • Joe

    /o Please don’t let this become the next Google Voice – A great product that’s US only. Why must you tease me so Google!?

    • Lucian Armasu

      I know. Google Voice, Google Movies, and now Google Music are all US only. So sad.

    • Lord_Buckington

      I appreciate the music locker service being region locked for a rollout, but why does the app have to be US only?

      • NukkaYarrell

        copyright constraints. Read up.

  • Lex Lybrand

    Hmmm… I don’t have any settings options in the new Music app. The leaked app had some options that were grayed out, but now all I have is ‘shuffle all’ and ‘search’

    • NukkaYarrell

      then you don’t have the right one.

      • Lex Lybrand

        I got it from the Market…

  • Derrick Best

    Us UK folks should have first dibs too. Luckily I can mask my IP to look as though I’m in da good ‘ol USA. Thank You Hotspot

    From the US Hotspot Shield can help you watch prime UK TV like

    NB Virus protection/popup blocker to the max when using this program. popups occur frequently. Verify websites when visiting.

    THIS is not spam just helping my UK bros. I am no way associated with Hotspot.

    happy listening.

  • PHX_AZ


  • Rutherford Atlas

    So, any news on how us Xoom 3g owners are getting our invites? I haven’t seen hide nor hair regarding Google Music in my Gmail inbox.

  • Mike Carpenter

    Somebody send me an invite!

    • NukkaYarrell

      how about tranny porn instead… done.

  • bigrdc

    I hope this also makes it to Sonos

  • catch

    I’m a little surprised that beta testers for the Chrome Notebook (Cr-48) aren’t on the top of this beta list.

  • Robabobbob

    Can’t wait for this to launch, spotify is in trouble now!

  • Sebastian Mejía

    I have not been able to download it on a Motorola Atrix, which has been rooted.

  • philipblair

    This is just typical, don’t these organisations realise that there are customers out here who DON’T live in the US?  I am totally pissed off with Google and Android, I have an android phone and an android tablet and and took a decision not to go with apple as an option.  I am really beginning to regret  these decision and if I could I would dump google and thier poxy US only system.  Does anyone want to buy an HTC Desire HD and a Galaxy Tablet, both less than six months old?