Android 3.1 Coming to Google TV this Summer, Android Market in Tow

Android 3.1 was just made available for tablets today, but that won’t be the only platform receiving the Honeycomb update. This summer, Google TV devices will receive the update that includes the long-awaited ability to access the Android Market. The beauty of merging Honeycomb with Google TV means developers can develop a single application for deployment on TVs and tablets alike. News on the update was brief as far as Google TV-specific features, but the Android Team’s move towards a more uniform experience should translate to a very recognizable Honeycomb interface.

The update will be available for current Google TV devices, but it was also announced that new hardware featuring key advancements is headed our way from Sony, Vizio, Samsung, and Logitech. If the combination of new OS, Android Market, and more hardware partners doesn’t give Google TV a kick in the right direction, we don’t know what will.

More info on changes to Google TV will be revealed at a developer session tomorrow afternoon.

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    makes me so glad i got mine.

    using it right now to watch netflix.

    be really kewl to have the apps on my phone on my tv too.

    just goin’ to keep getting better.

  • Alberto_jr_

    New hardware? Does that mean a new set top box might be coming out? Like a logitech 2?

  • Lauren Berns

    Nice to see Samsung is on board. I love my Samsung TV (now a couple years old) and hope to upgrade to a similar quality set with Android. Hopefully Google can do at least as well as Netflix with content (not great) and streaming (pretty darn good). Also, it’d be nice to see them make a monthly unlimited plan available.

  • PC Chameleon

    What are the chances that the Logitech Revue getting the update? Did anyone at IO confirm it was getting the update?

    • Mitch Samuels

      Logitech confirmed it over twitter.