Report: Apple Will Beat Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music Serivce


According to a report from Reuters, Google’s inability to ink deals with record labels and launch their Google Music service has left the door open for Apple to beat them to the punch with their own cloud storage for iTunes. Similar to service Google first teased last May, the new iTunes feature will allow users to store their music files on a remote server for access from any internet connected computer and mobile devices. The mobile component would likely be exclusive to Apple’s iProducts, meaning Google can still capitalize on the huge share Android has taken in the smartphone market. However, any hope that Google might get a leg up by launching their Google Music first seems lost.

The latest insider reports say Google has taken a step back in discussion after altering certain terms of their record label deals mid-negotiation. Apple is also yet to ink deals, though past relationships established via the iTunes music store most likely give them a certain advantage.

[via Reuters]

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  2. erm ill stick with amazon

    1. Yep. Amazon’s works like a charm for me.

    2. I love amazon’s service, but I really wish it would scrobble to

  3. Meh, this comes under the, “well no shit,” dept. When Googles problems inking deals was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it should have been obvious it could give someone else (Apple) an opportunity to score next. I can’t say first, as Amazon did that (and yes I know there are other programs/companies that do the same-simply speaking about the big players).

    Having said that, there’s no indication that Apple’s service is even close to being released, and as the past has proven, never count Google out.

  4. cloud music won’t work as long as there are caps and overages for data

    imagine streaming your music and easily going over the 5gb limit (that’s about 144mb/day) which is what tmobile has and is the largest prior to cap or overages.

    the cloud is not the future as long as companies continue to charge for overages or cap

    1. Hasn’t hurt other streaming apps like Pandora.

  5. As long as it comes with a Google chrome extension that let’s me stream the music through the browser And let’s me update the songs and playlist on my phone’s SD card withouth having to use a cable I couldn’t care less about what apple does.

    I hate that at school I can’t listen to my music witouth wasting my phone’s precious battery life.

    Yes I know that there are other ways to accomplish what I am looking for, but I don’t want to upload my music to 10 different databases for different situations….I just want 1 database to manage.

  6. What’s awesome is that Amazon already beat Apple.

    1. haha. That’s exactly what I thought when reading this article. Android already has Apple beat.

  7. Who cares what Apple is doing? If I wanted to know about what Apple is up to I would be subscribing to a pro-apple site. . . WTF!

    1. Bcuz your site has Apple on the brain…..they can’t help it! Lol!

      1. then. . . what does that mean you have on the brain?

        1. Heh, you assume he has a brain.

          1. He just stupid person with no brain and fuck in the head. He remind me of lemon with poo in it. gTunes in shitting in iTunes and when it get open locker it shit on all other music locker because it have all free music in world.

  8. Rhapsody works fine for me. Unlimited music downloads and streaming.

  9. Who cares what Google and Apple do? They are late to the party. There’s a ton of options for Android already and I’m sure there’s something for Apple, if not then the iPhone is behind the times again.

  10. Why is could music streaming a big deal? I would much rather have access to my music wherever I am, regardless of whether or not I have a 3G/4G/Wifi connection.

    1. exactly! i don’t get it either. much rather just put it on my sd card and then be good to go, no matter if i’m in a dead zone or not.

      1. And then what happens when you switch devices?

        The benefit with cloud streaming is that your music goes with you across devices.

        1. you move the sd card to the new phone….

          1. I don’t mean “upgrade your phone”, I mean simply switching devices that you’re currently using. Switching between home computer, portable music device for the car (probably an Android phone), work computer, etc.

            Not all devices even have sd slots.

            Cloud streaming is clearly convenient for people like me who use a PC at home, a Mac at work, Android phone everywhere else.

    2. Its called….Options! and its not just for phones. I would love to have my music via web on any computer I say down on.

  11. The fact that record companies think they deserve to be paid royalties on music that I already purchased is ridiculous. I say good for amazon for giving them the finger. So should I have to pay them royalties for setting up an ftp connection and streaming my own music that way. Bullsh*t, I will boycott any company that pays them royalties to stream music that’s been purchased legally.

  12. In case you are reading this, and you’re not currently using Android – all of the references to Amazon are relevant because Amazon’s cloud storage/player is available on Android. That’s what makes Android better than iStuff – its market is open. Google stole a page from Microsoft’s PC playbook with Android… And regarding the banner ad at the top of the page – my 13-year old son asked me the other day “What is Bing?” I told him that it’s Microsoft’s search engine, like Google. He said “Bing sucks.”

  13. Apple stay winning!

  14. <3 spotify on my n1

  15. Lol Apple users are stupid, therefore they can’t find out how to use the service, therefore not a lot will use Apple’s service, therefore Google wins! :P
    Seriously though, i get lots of questions regarding how to use iTunes or iPhone.

  16. Why is this a big deal? I guess that ithing needs it because of its lack of a micro sd slot. But I can fit all my music on my sd. And I would rather waste my 5gb’s on the net and apps then on music I already have on my phone.

  17. i got amazon already and i m not a fan of iTunes.

  18. I’ll stick with Rdio and Audiogalaxy thanks, either way their both too late.

  19. What is the purpose of all these similar retweets below?

  20. Google asks for music company permission, Apple tells music companies what to do. Thanks a lot iTunes users who allowed this to happen. /hates

  21. It shouldn’t come as a shock Apple will launch first. Look what happened with Google TV. iTunes has been out for how long? For real, Apple shoulda been had this up n running.

    Like some have said already, with Amazon beating both and Android having an app for it already, technically they already beat Apple to the punch.

    Which makes you wonder what could Google Cloud Music service offer that Amazon’s doesnt that would make you wanna switch or use both? I like the Amazon’s Android web market way better than Google’s. The phone market might have an edge too.

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