Sprint Launching Google Voice Integration on April 26


The direct Google Voice integration Sprint first announced back in March will make its way to all handsets beginning April 26th, according to a new flyer making the rounds around the webz. If you need a refresher, the direct carrier integration will allow current Sprint subscribers the option to make their mobile number their Google Voice number, or vice versa. While the visual voicemail and transcription elements are great in their own right, the free number porting should introduce many to the call switchboard features that make up a whole different element of Google’s service. If you are on Sprint, you really have no reason not to reassign your main number to your Google Voice account.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I still dont understand? What does it do?

    1. Ppsshhh what doesn’t it do

    2. I can send and receive text from my computer, nook and phone. Transcribe voicemails also viewable on comp, nook and phone.

    3. Send free text messages. Get transcribed voicemails.

  2. I wonder how MMS will be handled. MMS just get lost when sending to a Google number. If I port my number to google will the still get forwarded to my phone?

    1. Google Voice does not support MMS yet. It’s a shame because most people who will just keep both numbers (Sprint and Google Voice) to be able to have that function. What’s the point of having a Google voice number if you can never send and receives a pic message from it.

      1. They haven’t implemented MMS through Google Voice yet, so that will still hand-off through Sprint.

        1. This is not true. If you merge your sprint number into Google voice and then send an MMS, the MMS simply vanishes. It does not automatically go through Sprint.

          1. i just ported mine. mms works fine when sending thru mobile phone.

  3. What about those who ALREADY added a Google number AND have a Sprint number. Can we merge the two somehow? I don’t want to dump either of the numbers.

    1. I would also like to know this. I would also like to know how this affects our unlimited mobile to mobile calling since making calls through GV is technically a land line call?

      1. I’ve received the invite today and have already set it up. If you choose to port your Sprint # to Google Voice, your old Google Voice number will expire in 90 days. So they will be “combined” for that duration. After that, the old Google Voice number is gone.

        This won’t affect unlimited mobile to mobile because whatever number you choose, it will be treated as a Sprint mobile number.

        Here is what the email said:

        You have been invited to start enjoying the benefits of the Sprint integration before anyone else! We are interested in your feedback as we roll this out to the entire user base and have listed a link to a form where you can send feedback and/or questions.

        There are two ways to enable the integrated service:

        1. Option 1: Keep your Sprint number (all the benefits of porting without the need to). In this case, your Sprint number becomes your Google Voice number so that when people call your Sprint mobile number, it rings all the phones you want.

        How to enable this: click on the “change/port” link next to your GV # in the settings page, choose the option to use your existing number, enter your Sprint number and select the Sprint option.

        2. Option 2: Replace your Sprint number with your Google Voice number (all the benefits of the app without the need for one). In this case, all calls made from your Sprint phone will display your Google Voice # natively (same for SMS).

        How to enable this: click on the “enable Google Voice on your Sprint phone” link next to your Sprint forwarding phone. If the link does not show, click on edit and use the link to verify whether your phone is eligible.

        In both cases, Google Voice replaces Sprint voicemail (pressing one on your phone links you to your Google Voicemail) and international calls made from the Sprint phone will be connected by Google Voice. Integrating your account with Sprint means you will still get the benefits of Any Mobile Any Time if that is included in your service plan.

        Important Notes:

        The integrated service only works with a valid Sprint mobile number.
        For this early release, Sprint support channels will not be available for support, including Sprint Retail Stores, Sprint Customer Care, Sprint Telesales, Sprint Direct Sales Reps, etc.
        If you need support, or have feedback, please fill out this form
        If you use the Google Voice app on Android, you will need to log out and log back in to make sure the app stops using call interception.

        Vincent Paquet, on behalf of the Google Voice team

  4. Will this also be the launch date of the Nexus S 4G?!

  5. I already received the invite from Sprint and ported the number over. Works great, although I’m not sure about how it will affect billing (I don’t think it will). The only issue: when a text message comes in it gets delivered to both Google Voice AND my text message app (in this case, Handcent). Not sure how to overcome that one.

    1. I don’t use hancent and I only get 1 notification but pics come through the messanger app.

    2. You have to turn off text message forwarding under your google voice settings. That way the google voice text message want forward to your regular message app.

  6. This is a great addition to sprint and their customers..

  7. Yes! Just got my invite an hour ago. Setting it up right now.

  8. Got integrated today. Pretty seamless. I am stoked.

  9. I’ve been using it for the last couple weeks and it’s pretty cool.

  10. I have some minor concerns, but once I get my new phone, I will make the jump.

  11. Will calling to Canada still be free?

  12. I accept the fact that google voice does not do MMS willingly, I honestly hope it never changes. I am tired of the useless messages that people send. If it is important enough they can use gmail. Anyone else feel this way, or am I the only 1?

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