Google and Oracle to Settle Patent Dispute in Court by November


If Google and Oracle are going to settle their dispute over alleged source code lifted directly from Java for use in Android, they will need to do so before November. The order comes from US District Judge William Alsup, who said the latest he would allow the case to go to trial would be October. The reason for the short time period is due to the departure of the sole law clerk Alsup has assigned to the case.

There is no formal date set, and until a final verdict has been read Google and Oracle could reach a settlement out of court.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Let’s hope they settle it out-of-court and roll on Android and Java.

  2. From what I read about some of Google’s new anti-fragmentation policies it sounds like Java might not be in Android for much longer. Google wants SoC manufacturers to build in Java/Dalvik into their chips. . . I don’t get it myself, but what I got was that Android wouldn’t need Java any more.

    Anyone else hear of such a thing?

    1. That anti-fragmentation policy was never real. Anyway, the use of the Davlik machine allows Android apps to be processor-independant. As long as you can compile the kernel for a CPU, the apps will run on top of it. That’s one of the greatest strenght of the Android. With Intel porting the code to x86 (not unlike what the Android-x86 project already does) this will be even more visible.

  3. The title of this post is misleading. “Google and oracle to settle …” implies that they’re going to, not that they’ve been told to.

  4. Oracle, get ready to get your ass put down!

  5. Just give Oracle the money they’re begging you so desperately for, Google. My gosh. Why take this to court anyway? SETTLE IT UNDER GOOD TERMS

    1. If you pay an extortionist, then you can expect more extortionists to come knocking (suing) at your door.

      IBM absolutely never settles. IBM could have settled the SCO lawsuit back in 2003. But IBM spent at the very least, tens of millions of dollars fighting this. (That based on the amount that we know for a fact that SCO spent.) We also know that when SCO went into bankrupcy, IBM filed as a creditor because of some small matter of SCO owing IBM $20,000 chump change. IBM spent seven figures just to hire and bring the guy who WROTE THE BANKRUPTCY REFORM CODE in the 1970’s out of retirement. Why would IBM spend so much money to get such a prestigious lawyer to represent them in bankruptcy court as a creditor over a metter of $20,000? Because IBM decided it was cheaper in the long term to crush SCO into the dust and then keep crushing. That’s why IBM doesn’t get a whole lot of these kind of nuisance patent lawsuits.

      1. DAMN!!!

      2. …and also why IBM is a veritable patent machine. The best defense is a formidable offense.

  6. Google should block Oracle on their search!

  7. It must be lawsuits like this one that convinced Google to try to buy up all of Nortel’s patents, for “defensive purposes.” Since Intellectual Ventures started suing, I now completely disbelieve the claims of any business entity that it is buying up patents for “defensive purposes only.” However, even when it does inevitably start suing, Google will likely be able to evade the “patent troll” label (and thus take advantage of judicial preference for “practicing” entities over NPEs/PAEs), since it also engages in R&D. Clever.

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