HTC Desire 2 Appears in Vodafone’s System

HTC’s cooking up a “true” follow up to the Desire, it seems, as the name “ HTC Desire 2″ has appeared in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system. What could this device be, though?

Well, there’s still that unconfirmed device spotted in the public that we haven’t been able to put a name to. (Some are suggesting it’s codenamed “Saga”. It’s quite big, too – 4.3 inches, it seems.

But that’s all we’ve seen of it. And don’t forget the rumored HTC Pyramid for T-Mobile – it could be the European version of that.

Should that be true, the device would carry Qualcomm’s latest dual-core Snapdragon processor that has a 1.2GHz processor and the Adreno 220 GPU – a combination that should rival NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset that will soon be available in phones and tablets.

HTC’s going to be on hand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so you bet we’ll be looking to see if this phone gets announced and shown off. [via HTC Inside (Translated)] [Thanks, Tim!]

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  • ksizzle9(this time acting like richard)


    my name is ksizzle9. This is my Richard impression of the day

  • ksizzle9

    In all seriousness, I’ve been here for quite a while and refrained from any type of flaming for a very long time, but this Guy has got to stop, it would be fine, if, he would come in, and have some INTELLIGENT talk that consist of more than, iPhone sucks, Verizon sucks. Any whoo, this has potential to be a beast of a phone. People are always saying how snapdragon proc. aren’t ad good as the TI OMAP, and especially the hummingbird by Samsung. But with my experience with the fascinate(hummingbird), the Droid x(TI OMAP), and the incredible (snapdragon) the incredible is the overall better experience, while not as strong as the other two, the snapdragon excels in the smaller things such as the fluidity and scrolling in the UI, I will say the hummingbird and OMAP do excel in gaming, especially the hummingbird, but with the recent snapdragon 2nd generation, they have really stepped up their game. Can’t wait fo see the adreno 220, keep up the good work Qualcomm.

  • C. Kaiser

    I love my desire!!!
    Its for me still one of the best phones.

    So i cant wait for this rumored desire 2!!!
    I hope it will be as good!!! :D

    i really gonna get it

  • msgnyc

    looks nice. Unlike the Desire HD/Inspire atleast this has a FFC, but come on. I HATE capacitive buttons.
    I want actual buttons that wont get accidentaly pressed when its in my damned pocket or when reaching for something or i brush up against it when its charging etc….
    HATE the new zero buttons trend. Miss the trackball/pads too

  • msgnyc

    I also miss the days of when Phones actually had a dedicated call and end button…..
    just saying……..

  • Richie

    it had better have a good battery! Desire HD needs way more than 1230ma, i doubt better effiency will help that much as a 1600ma battery would.
    Capacitive buttons – I have never ever had problems with these. I did have a problem with a stuck button on my old Hero phone though, and also the track ball got some dust stuck under it and it was not smooth to move around – so i prefer capacitive buttons!

  • ksizzle9

    Msgnyc, usually if the buttons are capacitive, they use the static electricity from ur skins touch to be “pressed”, but in honesty, I do like the capacative buttons better because I won a Droid x and its one of the few phones with real buttons, it just feels like something that could mess up over time to me

  • Chris

    Huh? How on earth are the Desire HD and the Z not also “true” successors to the Desire?

  • NCX

    @ksizzle9, awesome rant.

    I wonder since the DESIRE series is part of a line of phones in Europe, if we’ll get a line of them in the US like we did when the Desire got its US counterpart, the Droid Incredible and the NEXUS ONE (both had different designs but had the same hardware nearly)

    if that is the case, the Incredible 2 could be coming sooner than we originally thought.

    the Desire HD / Z are counterparts of the Desire line with HTC Legend type of hardware, (ie: Unibody frame)

    so if its time to have a successor to the Desire family, they’ll likely show it off at MWC.

    It’ll be interesting to see whats in store for a Desire HD/Z successor
    but the Incredible 2 is already looking very nice, can’t wait

  • OMG Ponies!

    Now I am interested as long as it has a good size battery. Desire HD chomps battery like it’s a fat kid in an all-you-can-eat dessert bar.

  • paul

    It would be stupid for the Desire 2 to have a screen size bigger than 4″, if they want a bigger than 4″ then Desire hd 2 should be launched, hope the screen is 4″ & NO bigger.

  • mikeyo

    the screen on the device shown in the pic is 3.7″

  • Debbie

    Sounds like the Desire hd2 might be a very nice handset if the Desire hd is anything to go by. The desire hd was a beautiful handset. Hopefully this handset wont be exclusive to Vodafone. I hope this handset does come out with a 4.3inch screen size like the Desire HD has. A better battery, and a slightly larger internal memory would be appreciated. Hopefully this handset will be a reasonable price also. Just have to see what happens.

  • flurl

    I hope it’s the same form factor (mikeyo appears to be right, in the hand this looks to be fairly modestly sized)

    I don’t know why HTC, Sammy and Moto all have hardons for killing trackballs/trackpads/nav devices though, and LED notifications. It’s one of the best things about my Nexus One!

  • Eu

    HTC sucks…just google it for HTC Desire humidity… a lot of problems without any range of humidity in the specs only your phone is OOW (Out of Warranty)”…fucking HTC desire …I”LL NEVER BUY AN HTC! NEVER!