Feb 4th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:57 pm

HTC’s cooking up a “true” follow up to the Desire, it seems, as the name “ HTC Desire 2” has appeared in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system. What could this device be, though?

Well, there’s still that unconfirmed device spotted in the public that we haven’t been able to put a name to. (Some are suggesting it’s codenamed “Saga”. It’s quite big, too – 4.3 inches, it seems.

But that’s all we’ve seen of it. And don’t forget the rumored HTC Pyramid for T-Mobile – it could be the European version of that.

Should that be true, the device would carry Qualcomm’s latest dual-core Snapdragon processor that has a 1.2GHz processor and the Adreno 220 GPU – a combination that should rival NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipset that will soon be available in phones and tablets.

HTC’s going to be on hand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so you bet we’ll be looking to see if this phone gets announced and shown off. [via HTC Inside (Translated)] [Thanks, Tim!]

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