Need a Slurpee? 7 Eleven’s App Helps You Find One


Good ol’ 7-Eleven. Suppliers of one of the best drinks in America: the Slurpee. If you’ve ever experienced a time where you craved one so bad, but couldn’t find a 7-Eleven to quench your thirst, their new Slurpee app is for you. “Why can’t I just use Google maps,” you ask? You could, but you wouldn’t be able to manage your Slurpee Nation Rewards account. It would be a shame for you to miss out on free Slurpees and Slurpee-related items. And Google maps won’t tell you which locations have which flavors. So yeah, if you’re a Slurpee addict, go download it now! [via AG]

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  • Robert

    There’s one on every corner, why would you need an app?

  • Kevin

    The closest 7-Eleven is 250 miles from me, there just aren’t any in NC.

  • jove

    im in singapore, and there’s three 7-11 store in just 10mins walk LOL

  • Anonymous

    There’s one on every corner? Not in Michigan. 3/4 of them in the second biggest city in the state either closed or became just straight up liquor stores. Maybe it’s just the crappy economy

  • Blake

    Haven’t seen one in Houston in forever…

  • VtecX9

    sweet,even thought I live in NY and there are 7-11s everywhere.

  • Eman

    there’s no 7 eleven in atlanta…… wackest city ever

  • Pimpstrong

    There’s only one to my knowledge in South Kansasy City. Clerk got shot and killed there less than a year ago. They have a Redbox outside. But I might get shot and killed for my DVD copy “Grown Ups”

  • Dave

    Good job 7-11. I’m amazed that these kind of customer loyalty apps are coming so slowly. With Android devices outselling iPhones for months now, you’d think it’d be a no brainer for the large retailers who jumped on the iPhone bandwagon so long ago.

  • milkbandit

    In colorado its a bloody turf war over corners and blocks between the starbucks clan and the 7-11 gang. On any given block or walking distance from anywhere there are about three of each. By my house there’s four 7-11’s within a miles distance.

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    Do we really need an app for that. Im sure a simple google voice search will find it for you.

  • ilhe1s

    The only reason I would get this app is for the rewards and flavors. The 3 in my neighborhood all have different flavors.

  • cheeftun

    …Is that TouchWiz on a Droid X?

  • Anonymous

    None in Michigan? Bullshit! There is one within walking distance of my house, and two more within like a mile! I live in a suburb of Detroit too.

  • zed

    1 – what the fuck is a slurpee
    2 – you spell it ‘flavour’

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    @Zed 1 – Not from the US are you? It’s a slushy drink.
    2 – Read the first part of one.

  • Tim

    I work at 7 eleven so all my slurpees are free

  • Mensahwatts

    Lol Tim you must have bad teeth

  • Colin

    Dude it pisses me off no slurpee machine works they are all slush

  • deborah

    Starbucks coffee is awful. There should be 7-11 in every towm in America! Lol