Just as Promised, Mega Jump Heading to Android in the Next Couple of Weeks



Back in September, Get Set Games told us to expect their popular iOS game Mega Jump on Android before the end of the year. They’ve held up to that promise quite nicely as they’ve announced it should see a launch within the next couple of weeks. The game will be free to download, but there’s no word on which revenue model they’ll be going for (the iOS version is free, but supported by micro transactions.) [Get Set Games via Droid Gamers]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sweet!

  2. aw shit. :D

  3. Any word about other games from Get Set Games, Nick?

  4. Can anyone provide me with a link with upcoming games that are ported from iOS? Games that already have been released?

  5. Uhh, Hyper Jump from Camel Games any one? This looks like an exact copy…

  6. We need Cut The Rope, its ranked right under Angry Birds on iOS. In my opinion it is better than Angry Birds.

  7. @Nicholas Overstreet Yeah, I was going to mention that. Though, to be fair, I’m pretty sure Mega Jump came first and Hyperjump copied it. I smell a lawsuit brewing.

  8. @Nicholas Hyper Jump is awesome. Until it takes months to beat your top score. Great graphics too.

  9. @Nick Overstreet – Nick Coombe from Get Set Games here. Hyper Jump is a direct clone of an older version of Mega Jump. Mega Jump had been out on the iPhone for a few months before Hyper Jump cloned it for Android and changed some of the graphics. Unlike Hyper Jump though, Mega Jump will be free, as it is on the iPhone, and we’ll continue to update the Android version to keep pace with the iPhone version, which has had 10 updates so far. We think there is plenty of room for all kinds if jumping games, but if you like Hyper Jump and want to try the original that inspired it, feel free to check out Mega Jump :)

  10. Mega Jump is so legit I played it on my girlfriends iphone, deffinitly going to download that.

  11. @jdog25 Cut the Rope is in the market for .99

  12. just to clarify… Cut the Rope in the market is *NOT* the game. It is a wallpaper.

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