Need a Slurpee? 7 Eleven’s App Helps You Find One



Good ol’ 7-Eleven. Suppliers of one of the best drinks in America: the Slurpee. If you’ve ever experienced a time where you craved one so bad, but couldn’t find a 7-Eleven to quench your thirst, their new Slurpee app is for you. “Why can’t I just use Google maps,” you ask? You could, but you wouldn’t be able to manage your Slurpee Nation Rewards account. It would be a shame for you to miss out on free Slurpees and Slurpee-related items. And Google maps won’t tell you which locations have which flavors. So yeah, if you’re a Slurpee addict, go download it now! [via AG]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. There’s one on every corner, why would you need an app?

  2. The closest 7-Eleven is 250 miles from me, there just aren’t any in NC.

  3. im in singapore, and there’s three 7-11 store in just 10mins walk LOL

  4. There’s one on every corner? Not in Michigan. 3/4 of them in the second biggest city in the state either closed or became just straight up liquor stores. Maybe it’s just the crappy economy

  5. Haven’t seen one in Houston in forever…

  6. sweet,even thought I live in NY and there are 7-11s everywhere.

  7. there’s no 7 eleven in atlanta…… wackest city ever

  8. There’s only one to my knowledge in South Kansasy City. Clerk got shot and killed there less than a year ago. They have a Redbox outside. But I might get shot and killed for my DVD copy “Grown Ups”

  9. Good job 7-11. I’m amazed that these kind of customer loyalty apps are coming so slowly. With Android devices outselling iPhones for months now, you’d think it’d be a no brainer for the large retailers who jumped on the iPhone bandwagon so long ago.

  10. In colorado its a bloody turf war over corners and blocks between the starbucks clan and the 7-11 gang. On any given block or walking distance from anywhere there are about three of each. By my house there’s four 7-11’s within a miles distance.

  11. Do we really need an app for that. Im sure a simple google voice search will find it for you.

  12. The only reason I would get this app is for the rewards and flavors. The 3 in my neighborhood all have different flavors.

  13. …Is that TouchWiz on a Droid X?

  14. None in Michigan? Bullshit! There is one within walking distance of my house, and two more within like a mile! I live in a suburb of Detroit too.

  15. 1 – what the fuck is a slurpee
    2 – you spell it ‘flavour’

  16. @Zed 1 – Not from the US are you? It’s a slushy drink.
    2 – Read the first part of one.

  17. I work at 7 eleven so all my slurpees are free

  18. Lol Tim you must have bad teeth

  19. Dude it pisses me off no slurpee machine works they are all slush

  20. Starbucks coffee is awful. There should be 7-11 in every towm in America! Lol

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