Can Samsung Really Launch the Galaxy S in 110 Countries This Month?

We already knew Samsung planned on getting their latest “wowphone” (it’s my take on the superphone) out to as many markets as they can, but we didn’t exactly have the clearest idea about how many of those markets they were targeting.


According to the Korea IT Times, they have it on some sort of authority that Samsung is planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S in 110 different countries simultaneously. If what they say is true, then nearly everyone (and their mothers and grandmothers, too) will be able to own a Samsung Galaxy S by the end of this month.

We just learned that the device was going to India today, but how many more countries will we need to report about tomorrow? We’ll see how this rumor ends up developing over the next few weeks, because it’s ridiculous to imagine Samsung would even be able to pull that off.

[AndroidOS.In via SlashPhone]

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  • Covert

    well if that’s the case expect to see VERY low stock of the S, that’s ONLY a few thousand per country

  • binfartin

    they can do it. Just don’t expect them to update their phone once the new android OS come out.

  • binfartin

    I mean rom.

  • dethduck

    Maybe the reason the Incredible had such a shortage of the screens was because they were being overproduced bye samsung for this launch?

  • steve

    they say they cant update the behold 2 because of the hardware. there is no way they can use that excuse with this phone. the hardware will most likely stay ahead of all phones till q1 2011.

  • jdog

    Thats going to be a lot of angry customers when they all find out they aren’t going to be able to get 2.2.

  • Gaurav

    Samsung today launched Galaxy S in UAE.

  • jason


    That’s been my suspicion ever since the incredible shortages hit. Of course Samsung would hoard the production line for their own devices…

  • ez rider

    @dethduck Incredible uses a normal AMOLED screen, not the ‘Super-Amoled’ that the Galaxy S is using.

  • Will S

    I know I wont be buying a Samsung phone. Not when they screw their users out of software updates. I dont care what their lame excuse is, they need to make them work or substitute a new phone, at least for a year or two after release.

  • chris

    I have to agree with will on this one. I don’t think I could trust a company to provide updates to anything after what they did with the behold II. Granted it was a pretty low end phone, but that shouldn’t matter. Motorolas low end phones are getting the same half assed treatment. HTC is about the only one I’ll buy a phone from anymore.

  • dethduck

    @ez rider: Yes, I know the Incredible uses regular AMOLED but those specific panels are manufactured by Samsung. Wouldn’t surprised me if they refurbished some manufacturing lines originally intended for the incredible to produce the Super-AMOLED for the Galaxy S.

  • spary
  • 2FR35H

    110 countries this month? hopefully that includes USA sound impossible they would have to bring thousands of devices to at least 3 or 4 countries each day.

    Thats alot of money

  • Come to Papa

    Japan won’t get it till about mid-September.
    If it comes with 2.2 pre-installed, I won’t mind the wait so much.

  • shigzeo

    Not only will they hold out updates, they will continue to extort their home population, grabbing at any sort of competition and suing their socks off. This is Samsung, the world’s largest corporation, we are talking about. They didn’t get there by helping their customers, but by bribing governments, cheating taxes (50%), and mass producing everything else at breakneck speeds all the while damning the numbers of people infected by diseases in their factories.

    Tyranny is Samsung.