Best Buy’s Accessories Roadmap for the EVO 4G Gives Broad Launch Dates


Not too long ago, we saw the product launch guide for the HTC EVO 4G’s accessories. While we got final pricing and dates for a majority of the products that will be offered, we still couldn’t confirm the information of the media dock and car kit that they’d be offering.


A new roadmap that leaked from Best Buy shows that we can expect both the car kit and media dock by the “end of July”. The roadmap doesn’t show any pricing for the two, but last week’s leak told us to expect the car kit and media dock for $59.99 and $39.99, respectively. As for everything else? They’ll still be available the day you can walk into the store and claim your new EVO 4G.

[via GoodAndEvo]

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  1. I need the car dock now! :) The EVO is too big for my scoche windshield mount.

  2. Why BB always have their stuff more expensive than the other

  3. I thought the media dock was $59.99 and the car dock was $39.99.

    @Josh: I agree! especially considering the rumors of shorter battery life and the outstanding Sprint Directions built on top of the Android turn-by-turn directions. Car dock should have been ready at launch. I guess I’ll be looking at universal dock options instead. :-(

  4. @ Kyle C. you are right. the invisible shield is 14.99 on their site, but twenty @ best buy. RIP OFF

  5. Cases, schmases. We need the HDMI cable. I guess the “Media Dock” would include that, but I just want the cable.


    Micro-HDMI Type D cord I ordered. Had trouble finding one. There is another 2m one I found from some other website, but I ordered this one because it was $12 free shipping. Only downside is I had to pay with PayPal

  7. @Martin: Go to amazon and get the cable for $5.99

  8. I’m waiting for an HDMI to micro-HDMI adapter (like the ones we’ve got right now for HDMI to mini-HDMI). I’ve already got plenty of HDMI cables and no need to carry an additional one when I travel… :p I usually have an HDMI cable on the travel bag for the laptop or camera (a Sony that comes w/an adapter unto which I plug a standard HDMI cable, proprietary adapter but hey, it works for me).

  9. Go to like I did and get a USB to Micro USB for $1.

  10. @ wwian

    that CLEARLY says it is a MINI cable, we need MICRO

    “GTMax High Speed Gold-Plated Flat Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable Version 1.4 W/Nylon Sleeve Supports 4096×2160p Resolution – ( 6 Feet, White/Blue)”

    jeez, “know it all”

  11. @wwian: That’s a “mini” cable, not a micro. The EVO needs a micro. I recently bought two mini’s for $20 total and they’re not going to work. Oh well. I just bought two micro’s from

  12. im looking for a micro usb cable for my htc 4g phone to a hdmi port or connections.

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