Droid Clone Flips the Script, Offers Windows Mobile


Usually when we see a clone, it’s a device mimicking a popular Apple product with Android, an Android clone actually running Android, and sometimes even an Android product running a no-name OS made to look like the iPhone OS). Another twist has been added to the bunch today, though.


This clone is a Motorola Droid/Motorola Milestone look-alike running Windows Mobile 6.5. It features the same style of keyboard and functional buttons as the Droid, but it just doesn’t look or feel the same. It has a 533Mhz Huawei processor (just a step under the Droid’s 550Mhz) and sports the same 256-megs of RAM.

If you want my honest opinion, this little knock-off wouldn’t be bad if you absolutely need to be running Windows Mobile. I still don’t think Motorola would appreciate a complete rip-off of their device to start appearing out and about, though.

[M8Cool via CrunchGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just a step under? Wow and here I thought that Phandroid actually had a clue as to what makes a SoC a SoC. Guess not. Quick hint, clockspeed doesn’t mean a damned thing.

  2. @Darkseider I understand clock speed doesn’t mean anything, but it doesn’t mean that the device isn’t comparable to a Droid.

  3. Can you say Microsoft has a hand in this knock off. Proving it would be interesting. The droid is droid due to the OS, the hardware is just that, hardware. Windows OS’s whether mobile or not have lost the simplicity of which they were based so the bloat carries over in every aspect including the mobile OS’s. Android needs to keep it’s simple philosophy to keep moving forward. Smaller and simpler runs quicker and better on lower end hardware.

  4. Why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good phone with clunky old windows? Linux and Android are the perfect way to go!

  5. @AgEnTsMiTh
    +1 I totally agree…knock off or not putting winmo 6.5 on it is a waste

  6. Android is free. They had to pay microsoft just to make this knockoff.

  7. @Quentyn Kennemer It means ever so much when comparing it to a Droid or a Snapdragon based unit. Seeing that both the Droid and Snapdragon use a Cortex A-8 based SoC and the H3 533 Mhz in this thing is an ARM926EJ-S based SoC. Which is approx. 66% the processing power of a like speed Cortex A-8 based SoC clock for clock. It also lacks a discrete GPU that the T.I. OMAP 3430 series SoC has in the Droid. Let’s not forget that the DSP in the OMAP is made by what is considered the BEST DSP design/manufacturer in the world, Texas Instruments. So please before even intimating that a device which looks similar and is similarly clocked even compares to the real deal. A little research goes a long way.

  8. well in certain markets its easier to sell a phone with winmo on it than android.
    just saying.

  9. and darseider gets knowledge and vocabulary props!

  10. @Darkseider, I’ve given up on Quentyn engaging brain before typing. I mostly view his posts as comic relief, not anything to be taken seriously. Yeah, this device is comparable to a Droid; it’s just not a favorable comparison.

  11. horrible. ugh… Don’t get on with WM since my Omnia. Too complicated!

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