Jun 1st, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 16th, 2010, 5:35 pm

We already knew Samsung planned on getting their latest “wowphone” (it’s my take on the superphone) out to as many markets as they can, but we didn’t exactly have the clearest idea about how many of those markets they were targeting.


According to the Korea IT Times, they have it on some sort of authority that Samsung is planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S in 110 different countries simultaneously. If what they say is true, then nearly everyone (and their mothers and grandmothers, too) will be able to own a Samsung Galaxy S by the end of this month.

We just learned that the device was going to India today, but how many more countries will we need to report about tomorrow? We’ll see how this rumor ends up developing over the next few weeks, because it’s ridiculous to imagine Samsung would even be able to pull that off.

[AndroidOS.In via SlashPhone]

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