Samsung Galaxy S Going to India this Month?

Cellpassion’s reporting that Samsung will be launching the Samsung Galaxy S sometime this month (June, if you haven’t realized it yet) in India. The rumored date is June 10th and it’s believed that Samsung has already started training regiments for their dedicated sales reps.


They’re estimating the phone’s pricing in India to sit around 30,000 rupees, but nothing is official. If we hear anything more regarding the phone’s launch in India, we’ll update you guys as soon as we can.

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  • NiXTrix

    Bloody he’ll…. I just bought a new phone.Would have waited if I knew.

  • elijahblake

    wow $639.65 USD.

  • Bob


    There are no contracts in India. People spend full price for their phones. And they are happy about it.

    The plans are rather cheap. ALL incoming calls… from any carrier, mobile or land line is free. All incoming messages are free.

    Outgoing calls are about Rupee 1.00 (0.02 USD) per min or less (local or long distance). No long term contracts required.

    So they can afford to buy these expensive handsets.

    I usually go there every year for about 3 weeks and end up getting a prepaid card for about $30 and it lasts me all of that 3 weeks including roaming all around India.

    The one thing I feel when I get there is the abundance of choice of handsets available. The US market doesn’t provide that at all. And this is not just limited to India, its the same story all over Asia.