Is the HTC Bravo the HTC Incredible?


A few weeks ago some names were found in a ROM including ‘HTC Bravo’ & ‘HTC Incredible’. Then shortly after the HTC Portfolio for 2010 (Q1 & Q2) leaked onto the internet which put some of those discovered names to images and spec’s. Well in the same informative post on XDA, ‘b3ler3fonte‘ also shares some scans of a brochure including these:

htcportfolio2009-12-06_23-44-29-2 - Copy

Take notice of the circled area in the picture above (Click the image to see a large version). It reads:

USER EXPERIENCE: Websites, maps, videos and images come to life when viewed on the Incredible. Millions of colors and fluid full-motion video will keep your eyes glued to the expansive 3.7 inch display. The AMOLED screen is perfect for viewing from any angle at any time of the day. Beyond watching media on the Bravo, you can also capture video without compromising on the quality with the built-in high definition camcorder.

Well that’s interesting that it refers to “the Incredible” but that’s not all. Now check out the second picture below (Click photo to view large image) . Here’s what the circled area reads:


Enhanced Video: The Incredible delivers and unrivalled media centric experience that does not stop with hardware. With Dolby and DivX, you really can enjoy and enhanced media experience on the move.

Yep It refers to “the Incredible” for a second time instead of “The Bravo” on a brochure page of the Bravo. Now lets just speculate for a bit. I had a few thoughts what this could be or mean including…

1) Maybe the “Incredible” name is the one given to the Bravo in HTC’s internal name game (or it could be the other way round with Bravo being the internal name?)  2) Could it be the US or European version of the Bravo? 3) Maybe it was a typo though I believe this to be unlikely 4) Some reason I haven’t thought of

I don’t know what the Incredible is for sure as their isn’t much info flowing around the wild at the moment or definitive the Bravo = The Incredible, however it does gives us something to speculate upon.  But if the Incredible is the Bravo & the word is correct, it could mean the ‘Bravo’ AKA ‘HTC Incredible’ is coming to Verizon. Now that is something to look forward to!



Looks like we’ll have to wait and see but we’ll keep you posted  ;)

(Thanks Droidoholic on AndroidForums!)

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  1. still with the low internal memory >.>
    1Ghz .. not bad :P

  2. This is unfair!!! Verizon is getting the cool android phones. Good thing tmo is getting the N1

  3. wtf man what about sprint! this is bs that sprint wont just allow anothers phones esn from another carrier into their system..i mean theoretically it would work if they just do it!! and if it werent such a pain in the A$$ to change esn i would much happier…im tired of stupid qualcom 528mhz..and i would go the moment but its stuck on 1.5 and theres absolutley no development going on or any custom roms(besides it being rooted) and i really really love Sense fl;ajfals;jf this sucks..stupid sprint..thats BS Android 2.1 in the first half of 2010 >/ i already have almost completely working on my Hero!..i wish there was more development for the moment :(

  4. ugh, this sucks. i really prefer the bravo’s look to the N1 and was really hoping it would come out for tmobile as well (wishful thinking, i know). oh well, guess i’ll have to settle with the N1, even if i have to buy it unlocked (fuggin’ family plans…)

  5. The 256 RAM amount is wrong, its been bumped to 320 any may even get higher before production.

  6. Why has Phandroid become a Verizon loving website?? There is no evidence that the Bravo is coming to Verizon and speculations about it are being made. Android is on Sprint, Tmobile and Verizon and soon At&t!

  7. Wow, someone is slow. This was questioned when the brochure was released and then again when Engadget mentioned the HTC Incredible.

  8. Oh yea this is GREAT!!!!

  9. Looks a lot like the Nexus One… could this be simply the European/original version of the same handset?

    Or will the Verizon version look like this?

    Remember that the Passion/Dragon (which turned out to be the Nexus One)awas originally rumored to be coming to Verizon.

    Ah. the sweet smell of specualtion.

  10. Wasn’t the Bravo expected to come out in January?

  11. this is way old news

  12. yes old news, but does more talk mean a potential release soon? does phandroid know something and are trying to tell us something?

  13. Why are people so upset that this may go to verizon…being they sold the most single android phone to date it would make sense if they got most android phones nowadays…pluss T mobiles got nothing on verizon other then cheaper phones..and sometimes plains…N1hopfully will beef up T mobile

  14. Not sure what the hubub is bubs.. This phone looks like it is going T-Mobile, but those 3G bands are Europe, so probably T-Mobile in Europe.

  15. This looks to be another version from the Nexus One family. It looks like it has at least two hard buttons. That is a big advantage to me over the N1. I just don’t know if I can wait for this phone to come out.

  16. Well, I’m pissed(Unless google surprises us in a couple of days)…

    As things stand right now…

    The next top off the line HTC phone will be the HTC Passion/Bravo/Dragon/Incredible…

    For some reason unknown… Google has decided to sell a lite version of the the HTC Passion/Bravo/Dragon/Incredible at normally unsubsidized prices…

    The Nexus is light everywhere except on the RAM… Where it has 192 more MB’s.. Everywhere else it’s lite… No Multitouch, No Divx playback, No optical mouse, No flash from the get go…

    But they are charging regular prices for the phone.. HTC phones run $600 unlocked/unsub… So we are gonna have to pay full price for a lite version of a phone…

    The reason that this might pissed me off is if non of the info changes that’s known right now..

    $540 full price… Very close to the same as the full HTC version will cost..

    $180 for the lucky one’s that don’t need a family plan but want to get screwed on the mins…

    No Data Only or White Space Tech VOIP option as far as we know…

    But what is pissing me off.. Is that if u’r lucky enough to live in a good TMobile area like I do… The next two years will be great to be a TMobile user… It should become the fastest 3G network shortly & keep getting better… And you can’t beat the family plan prices on TMobile, specially on the Plus plans…

    But the Nexus One will probably delay any chance of getting the full HTC Passion/Bravo/Dragon/Incredible on TMobile… Since they already kind of got the Lite HTC Nexus One… I hope I am wrong… And TMobile has already been dragging it’s feet getting the next HTC Android devices… MyTouch is a joke as a Android flag standard phone for a carrier… I think this will not push TMobile on upgrading even faster… Thanks for nothing google..lol

  17. i do think it’s suspicious that verizon has basically been giving away the eris for the last month…

  18. All of these rumors are making me antsy. My Pre has just been getting better as software updates roll out and the internal hardware is pretty good (better than the Hero class Android phones) but the hardware *casing* is crap and mine keep breaking with normal use. I would love to get another phone but I won’t take a performance hit and go to the Hero, I won’t start paying another $30 per month for the Droid on Verizon, and I won’t do the same for an iPhone on ATT. I considered switching to T-Mo for the Nexus One but if the rumors of family plan exclusion are true I would also be paying at least $20-30 more than I do per month now with two individual plans.

    I know on some level that there will be a Nexus or Bravo class device out on Sprint at some point this year but it is frustrating to wait and this month is my only chance to leave Sprint for T-Mo without an ETF if I decide to do so. Hopefully CES and other events this week will help clear up what to expect this year.

  19. I think that this incredible or bravo is a lite version of the nexus one. The nexus one is likely the developer version(thats why it invitation only) and the bravo is the carrier version. If we think back htc did this with the ion/magic/mytouch. This is what make sense to me anyway

  20. how much is a data plan on sprint? not that it matters for me really, no coverage where i live…

  21. I’m close to the completion of my 18 month contract with Orange in the UK. On ringing them I asked whether they would be releasing the HTC HD2, to which the customer service agent replied “no, but we will be getting the HTC Bravo sometime around March”…I have no idea what the HTC Incredible is, but I have more then enough confirmation that the Bravo will be coming out anytime soon, I just hope its not the Nexus one with new clothes.

  22. this htc bravo looks so much better then the google nexus one i hope this comes to verizon first i really want it htc is now starting to lead the way in smart phones in my oppion

  23. ok. just spoke to HTC Taiwan, global office:
    Phone: +886 266391147

    the nice person that I chatted to said that he has no information about release dates of any new HTC models.

    he said its up to the marketing team when they make an announcement. he said to keep checking the HTC website.

    I asked him if new phones would be released in Taiwan before other countries, and he said that there could be a more global release date, rather than staggered. (but this may just be his own opinion). he had a good knowledge of the website and the phones and english language.

    i let him know that I want to buy a phone ASAP, and I am prepared to wait a month or two for a new phone (bravo/passion/incredible), but if its going to be 4 or 5 months, then I am not prepared to wait.
    he said he wished he could help me and tell me a release date, but he has no idea.
    again, he mentioned for me to keep checking the HTC website.

    annoying! coz I want to decide whether to get an iphone 3gs or wait for the upcoming new HTC phones!!

    one a side note (but an IMPORTANT ONE):
    the nexus one (made by HTC) ranks in with a VERY HIGH SAR (radiation level)… and since the bravo/passion/incredible are pretty much the same phone (rumor), then I am worried that they will also carry a HIGH radiation level!!


    nexus one SAR (radiation rating) from the owners manual (page 26) is:
    0.867 w/kg Head @ 1g
    1.39 w/kg Body @ 1g

    0.823 w/kg Head @ 10g
    1.53 w/kg Body @ 10g

    the US absolute limit is 1.6 !!!
    so you can see that the nexus one comes VERY close to this!!

    the iphone 3Gs is around 0.79 (as a comparison)

    (1g is the US standard, and 10g is the European standard).

    so, if the bravo (and Co.) are equally as high as the Nexus One, then i am definitely (sadly) not buying any of them :(

    so,, now is waiting time!!

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