Nexus One Gets Rooted!


I think we all expected the Nexus One to be rooted sooner or later but maybe not before it has even been officially announced!

Thanks to MoDaCo’s founder Paul O’Brien yesterday he announced “Superboot” via a  thread on his site.

Superboot is a boot.img that when flashed, will root your device the first time you boot


The image shown above is courtesy of forum member ‘Stericson‘ confirming the accomplishment. However, I do hate to put a bit of a damper on things but Stericson does also say in a tweet this rooting hack may not work on the shipped versions:

Twitter - Stephen- I hate to kill everyones h ..._1262271357832

Notice he does say “Probably”. Even if this “superboot” doesn’t work I’m confident Android’s community of developers and hackers will find another way to Root one of Androids next hottest phones as they usually do.

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  1. not to get off topic, but i was expecting more attention and success with droid rooting

  2. Not to get off topic too, but I was expecting you to at least MENTION the Moment got rooted (over a month ago)!


  3. @m
    it doesnt get as much attention because its not an htc phone..therefore no xda …but it has got some though with custom roms i think

  4. not that the droid isnt a good phone but when it comes to hacking htc phones are the s**t thats why there are far more roms on htc phones than any other and not just on android

  5. @ bobby wow u must of posted ur comment secs b4 i did lol

  6. sorry for this silly question
    but what does rooted mean ?

  7. rooted is linux for “l337 h4x”

  8. @majdi
    Rooted is very much like Jailbroken in terms of iphone. By the way, my name is Majdi too ;)

  9. I thought the Unlocked Nexus one would be Rooted.. isn’t it a developer phone?

  10. isn’t the android phones ALREADY open? why does it have to be rooted?

  11. @jo: Android phones aren’t rooted to begin with to essentially “idiot proof” them (no offense meant to anyone). If a person has root access there is the potential to mess with files and programs that ought not to be messed with…which can produce undesired results.

    …such as one’s phone refusing to work properly n’such.

    Also rooting voids the warrenty, though with the proper precautions it is hard to tell (by your wireless provider) whether the phone has been rooted or not.

  12. I have been running a rooted G1 since it pretty much first launch and I love it. I say, ROOT THEM ALL!


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