MOTO XT800 Official For China Telecom


xt800The Motorola XT800 Android Phone that we told you about 2 weeks ago has been made official by Motorola and is indeed headed to China Telecom as rumored. They’ll have the phone on display at the MotoDev Summit in Beijing on January 14th.

It’s a pretty good looking device and the specs definitely rise to the occasion as well:

  • Android 2.0
  • 854 x 480 resolution
  • 5MP camera
  • Both GSM and CDMA support
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR
  • 3.5mm headset jack

[Via Motorola]

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  1. Now why can’t Sprint and Motorola release a phone like this one here in the State?

  2. that’s the way… go go moto!

  3. According to the following article, it isn’t just headed there, it debuted yesterday (with little fanfare or press coverage, what’s up with that?):

    Motorola XT800 Launches In China
    Posted on Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:31:32 CS

    Motorola has launched their best smartphone since the Droid…over in China. The launch event for the XT800 smartphone was held in Bejing today.


  4. Don’t forget the HDMI 1.4 poort thats were i’m looking form

  5. nice silver edges, i didnt no motorola started making iphones

  6. Nice phone too bad its not for the states!

  7. @fupadroid: It’s beginning to wear thin on my nerves…the amount of people these days who see a black device with a silver bevel and automatically label it as an iPhone rip.

    …apple doesn’t have exclusive rights to that combination, contrary to popular belief.

  8. “Both GSM and CDMA support”

    Does that it has a radio(s) capable of say.. working on either AT&T/T-Mobile *or* Verizon/Sprint networks?

  9. According to a source, CDMA is China only, meaning it won’t work in the USA.

  10. I’d like to see this at sprint. Whats the proc and how much ROM/RAM?

  11. @Del: I couldn’t agree with you more my friend, I’m sick of everyone seeing an android phone without a keyboard and automatically calling it an iPhone Clone or w/e. If they call themselves android fans, calling it an iPhone Clone because it has no keyboard is basically ignoring the whole open source os and everything else about android cause their to blinded by their need for a keyboard. They might as well take an iPhone if it ever gets a physical keyboard.

  12. I looks like an iphone with android home screen and touch sensitive buttons rendered on top. There is no escaping this..

  13. @Rob Jackson
    Where are our articles today. It’s been half a day and nothing interested have been typed. Taking vacation? Have you looked any more for the new motorola phone that may have a 4.3″ screen?

  14. And all four door sedans look the same too.

    Who cares.

  15. @chad

    agree with you. del and craig are fanboys in denial.

    the smooth silver edges are pretty iphoneish attributes. its not that hard to see this. look at the HD2. it has just a screen but looks nothing like the iphone. in fact it makes the iphone look old. if you put the three together which do you think would pair up? come on, its obvious

  16. @prpqmnj
    CDMA is what Verizon/Sprint use, and it also supports GSM (what Tmo/AT&T use) so it will work in the USA… assuming the stats above are correct. 3G is a different story though…

  17. Why do you guys hate the iPhone so much? Dont let that question confuse you. I hate all things “Apple” but the hardware behind their operating systems is just hardware. I love the look of the iPhone. I think its a great device I just hate the OS that runs it. Nothing more. So as far as the design of this goes, why should it matter if it looks like the iphone?

  18. ya seriously..the iphone is not a bad looking phone..the os maybe boring but hardware wise its better than most of our android phones out right now..and the make a great computer too lol

  19. @fupa: A. No I’m not, I would have purchased an iPhone had it not been for AT&T’s exclusive contract. B. I’m not saying it isn’t obvious that they have a resemblance, and I find it to be a direct insult to one’s intelligence to suggest that they cannot see the similarities. I said that it annoys me that many people seem to think that anything that looks like the iPhone and debuts after the iPhone is copying the iPhone, which isn’t the case. Anyone with half a brain knows this.

    …and even if Moto is copying the iPhone with the XT800, more power to them, the iPhone is a very well designed product.

  20. …the only thing that bugs me about the iPhone is the casing’s tendency to collect scratches…which is why I sold my iPod touch. If the OS on the iPhone were a tad more open, and it had a polyurethane coating on the plastic parts, that’d be the phone for me.

    …oh and lets not forget being on anything other than AT&T.

  21. “It’s a pretty good looking device”

    Is it just me, or are these phones all beginning to to look the same…A black piece of toast.

    I’m a woodworker. trust me, polyurethane scratches. Just look at any hardwood floor with a big dog in the house

  22. you know what im a fan of the look of the droid no matter what anybody says..that thing looks like a mans phone..but the gold kind of sucks

  23. craig wrote “I’m sick of everyone seeing an android phone without a keyboard and automatically calling it an iPhone Clone or w/e”

    but that is the marketing reality. iPhone: no keyboard. Droid: does. A phone with a kb isn’t going to be as ‘stylish’ but Droid rejects the premise that a phone must be stylish and smooth. The other phones don’t reject the premise, they try to out-iPhone the iPhone on style and and that isn’t such a great strategy because they are playing by Apple’s rules

  24. I forget my Droid has a keyboard, I use it so infrequently. Only to cut and paste, love the virtual keyboard.

  25. Any buddy know when this phone available in USA or when china telecom start retail selling of the phone? what is the price of moto xt 800? Please provide answer

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