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Why Android is Better for Online Slots than Apple iOS

Feb 13th - Is there a difference between playing slots on Android vs iOS? We are here to investigate. There are 3 different types of online slots you can play on either Android or iOS: On both the Play Store and the iOS app store you’ll notice plenty of freemium slots apps. These are apps where you can …


Why You Really Need a VPN to Stay Secure in 2020

Feb 6th - You may have heard about the importance of VPNs, but do you truly know how they can protect you online? The number of hacking attempts and cyberattacks are on the rise and they do not seem to be stopping any time soon which is where tools like VPNs can come incredibly handy to ensure you …


Xcentz 45W USB-C Power Delivery charger review

Feb 4th - The Xcentz is a simple yet powerful charger you can keep at home or take on the go. With USB Power Delivery, it can charge your phone, tablet, Nintendo Switch, and even laptops at high speeds.


Technologies Which Will Help You Unblock The Website

Jan 28th - There are lots of ISPs in the world. Data passes through many routers supporting flows in the right direction. The traffic is open for these providers and routers; they see your IP and can track every step you take on the web. Owners of these servers and routers can collect user data and provide it …

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SCDKey offering Windows 10 PRO for $13 with the end of Windows 7 support coming up

Jan 26th - You may have heard that Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows 7. If you’re looking to upgrade your computer’s operating system to maintain official Microsoft support for updates in the future, upgrading to Windows 10 is the best course of action! Purchasing Windows 10 can be pretty expensive, but SCDKey is offering an incredible …

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SCDkey Xmas Sale:Windows 10 PRO $12 and Office 2016 $35!

Dec 24th - Anyone looking for a good deal on Microsoft software will love the new sale from SCDkey. While their prices are typically low, you can now pick up a Windows 10 Pro license for $12 or Office 2016 for just $35! These amazing deals are made possible thanks to an exclusive coupon code that knocks off …


The Best Android Sports Betting Apps

Dec 11th - It’s a brave new world for sports betting companies. Gone are the days of popping down to the local betting shop, staring up at a flickering TV screen and fumbling your away around a handwritten betting slip. Sports betting companies are now fully embracing smartphone apps to enhance their appeal. The popularity of online betting …


Get Windows 10 Pro for Free from BZFuture’s Black Friday Sale

Dec 2nd - The web is getting more dangerous with each passing day, where new malware is being created that can infect your PC. Antivirus software can help protect us and thanks to BZFuture’s Black Friday sales, these antivirus software is now cheaper than ever.


3 Top Reasons why Referral Programs get New Customers

Oct 27th - The referral program is a marketing technique that provides what your subscription company needs i.e., generate more revenue from your existing customers. Referral Marketing versus Lead Generation Many people often compare referral marketing programs to lead generation, which is more of playing with concepts. While lead generation brings you contacts that take time to nurture …

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URcdkey Autumn Clearance sale Windows Pro €10.39, Office 2016 Pro €27.99 And More

Sep 18th - Finding a great deal on Microsoft Windows and Office is pretty difficult, but thanks to the URcdkey Autumn Sale, you’ll now be able to save hundreds of dollars on Microsoft’s most popular products with an extra 20% off when you use our exclusive promo code! These amazing deals won’t last long, so make sure you …