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Windows 10 Pro drops to $15 in VIP-scdkey Weekend Sale!

Oct 1st - Microsoft’s return to the Android hardware market is off to a bit of a rocky start with a lukewarm reception for the Surface Duo with most reviewers. This echoed some of our concerns with the unique new device, but you can enjoy a lot of the best of Microsoft’s integrations using any Android device with …

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VIP-scdkey slashes Windows 10 Pro to $15 in awesome back to school deal!

Sep 13th - Microsoft is officially back in the Android hardware business with the Surface Duo launch and while we have some concerns with this first-gen Surface Duo, we are thoroughly impressed with the company’s software and integration with Windows 10. Even if you are opting to skip Microsoft’s pricey foldable, you can still benefit from its awesome …


Windows 10 Pro slashed to just $13 in the latest VIP-Scdkey Summer Sale

Aug 6th - Windows 10 has fast become the operating system of choice for Android users with the company investing heavily in both its Android apps and integration with Android smartphones, but if you can’t see spending over $100 to upgrade then the current VIP-Scdkey Summer Sale might be just the chance you were waiting for with Windows …

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Summer Sale: Windows 10 Pro discounted to $11.03 and Office 2016 Pro going for $27.05

Jul 30th - According to various media reports, Microsoft’s Surface Duo dual-screen mobile phone has passed the FCC and Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth certifications in the United States. It has recently been reported that the phone has also been approved by the Canadian branch of Underwriters Laboratory (UL LLC). This certification is very important because it indicates that the …


Track your family and keep them safe with Life360

Jul 22nd - There are plenty of apps out there that can track your phone’s location in case you lose it or to share where you are with your friends, but Life360 is one of the most trusted apps in the family safety category.

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VIP-scdkey Summer Sale matches all-time low Windows 10 Pro pricing at under $13!

Jul 17th - With Microsoft re-entering the Android hardware market later this summer with the Surface Duo it’s no surprise that the company continues to double down on the integration between Windows 10 and Android, but regardless of whether you are interested in Microsoft’s foldable that means there is no better time to get in on Windows 10 …


Crazy Summer Sale: Windows 10 Pro for $11.03 & Office 2016 Pro for $28.04

Jul 9th - If you’re looking for a copy of Windows or need Microsoft’s full office suite for work or school, U2KEY is still incredible discounts Microsoft’s most popular products. Additionally, U2KEY has a great selection of games and other software from dozens of vendors at unbeatable prices.  All purchases completed online in a matter of minutes with …


One Phone, Two Worlds: Using Zadarma To Separate The Personal From The Professional

Jun 19th - “Oh, excuse me… that’s my work phone”. It’s a phrase that’s on the decline. There’s little doubt about it: maintaining two separate phones for work and personal use is a hassle. It requires employees to not only carry two different devices around, but to find a home for two different chargers – and even to …


Comparing Paid VPNs and Free VPNs: The Hidden Costs – and Dangers – of “Free”

Jun 4th - For the top-notch level of privacy and security, people switch towards the use of a virtual private network, or VPN. VPN usage is not restricted to just individuals. Enterprises and companies also use VPN to prevent hacking incidents like the one recently in which the malicious actor attempts to steal the data related to Covid-19 …


Android Security: How to Stay Private With Your Phone

Jun 1st - Image credit: techrepublicWith technology advancing at a lightning-fast pace, the line between our physical lives, and the ones we lead digitally, grows thinner by the day. With the number of smartphone users in the world amassing to a staggering 3.5 billion by 2020, it is quite safe to say that we’ve grown increasingly accustomed to …


WhatsApp Attacks Zoom with 50-Person Video Calls

May 14th - WhatsApp is one of the most widely used mobile communication tools today. One of its biggest selling points is that it supports pretty much every platform: it runs on Android, iOS, KaiOS, Nokia Series 30+, and everything in between, running on everything from feature phones to PCs. Its user base is huge – more than …


How to Make Money with Your Smartphone

Apr 17th - You’ve probably noticed how useful smartphones are these days. Not only can you stay connected, but you can also shop, play and more. What more? Make money! One thing many people fail to realize is that by having a smartphone, they basically have all the connectivity of the internet in the palm of their hands. …


How Smartphones Revolutionized the Betting Industry

Apr 14th - If you’ve followed betting industries like those in the UK, you’ll probably already have seen how phone technology has been a big part of their success. In this article, we’re going to look at how smartphones have helped revolutionalize the betting industries. Other locations looking to grow their online gambling options should take note.So how …