The modular Zendure Superbase V provides home backup power for days


Most of us live in places where constant and reliable access to electricity is something we’ll never have to worry about, but there might be times when blackouts occur due to failures in the power grid. It could be caused by human error, a system error, or sometimes natural disasters strike and there’s really not much we can do about it.

Or is there?

If you’re someone who needs to have their homes powered all the time, maybe you are running some kind of home business that needs constant power, or maybe there is medical equipment that needs to run 24/7, then blackouts are obviously something you are hoping will never happen, but sometimes as these things can be unpredictable, isn’t it better to always be prepared?

That’s something that Zendure is hoping they will be able to prepare you for with its latest Superbase V power station system.

Semi-solid state batteries

Unlike some other power station systems, Zendure’s Superbase V actually uses semi-solid state batteries. In fact, this is actually the first commercially available semi-solid state battery system which is pretty cool.

For those wondering what this means and how it differs, basically how current lithium-ion based batteries are made use a “jelly roll” process where electrodes are arranged in multiple layers. By creating a semi-solid state battery, the complexity of these types of batteries can be reduced and it also eliminates the need for the use of other types of material which in turn reduces cost.

Ultimately, semi-solid state batteries will be able to store more energy compared to regular batteries, which according to Zendure, offers up 42% higher energy density, which means that the Superbase V will be able to offer up more energy while maintaining its form factor and won’t have to be built larger. That being said, the semi-solid state battery pack is a newer technology that comes with a higher price tag. Since not everyone is is looking for the highest energy density possible, Zendure is also offerying the system with a traditional LIFEPO4 battery, which brings the cost down.

Zendure also boasts that the Superbase V has zero-downtime UPS, meaning that in the event a blackout occurs, the battery system will kick in instantly and automatically to prevent any potential disruptions.

Modular design

Now, since all of us have different power needs/requirements, sometimes customers are a bit torn when it comes to making a decision on which model to buy. Buy a model that’s too small and you find yourself lacking, but choosing a model with a larger battery means it will be more expensive and you don’t know if you will need that much power.

With the Zendure Superbase V, it features a modular design which means that if you think you don’t need that much power, you can opt for the base model, but if later on you find that you actually need more than what the base model offers, you can easily add on battery modules to increase the overall capacity.

Zendure has also designed the Superbase V to come with motorized wheels, meaning that if you need something small and compact, you can use the base model, but if you add on batteries and want to move it to a different location where more power will be consumed, the wheels will make the system easier and safer to transport.

With its modular design, customers can choose from having a base model that offers 4.6/6.4kWh (LIFEPO4 versus semi-solid state) of power, or if necessary, you could spec it out completely for a max of 46/64kWh that will be more than capable of powering pretty much everything in your home.

There will also be support for solar charging, which means that in theory, you could live almost entirely using the Superbase V system if there is enough sunlight to keep its batteries topped up.

Multiple ports and plugs

Some power stations might come with fewer ports and plug options due to their size, and if you needed more, you might need to buy the larger and more expensive models.

The Zendure Superbase V’s base model has an advantage over some of the competition as there are a number of ports and plugs that you can use right out of the box, regardless if you’re planning to use it in its most compact form or if you plan to deck it out completely.

We’re talking about outlets such as 4x 15A 1,800W 120V AC outlets, 1x 16A 3,800 240V AC outlet, 1x 30A 3,600W 120V AC outlet, 1x car outlet, 2x DC5521 outlets, 1x Andersen outlet, 4x USB-C outlets at differing powers, and a USB-A outlet.

Intelligent control

For those who love their smart homes, you can add the Superbase V to the list. The system comes with its own app that users can use to check on things like usage, battery lifes, and control it remotely. There is also voice control and users can receive notifications delivered by voice if that’s your kind of thing.

Pricing and availability

So, if the Zendure Superbase V sounds like the power station system that you think would be perfect for you as a home backup system or something to take with you on the road, then you might be interested to learn that Zendure is offering customers an early bird special pricing where if customers are willing to pre-pay $100, they will be able to get a one-time $500 coupon that they can use towards the final price.

Granted, the Zendure Superbase V system is not cheap, but with this early bird coupon, you could be saving yourself a fair bit of money for a very robust, modular, and powerful power station system that can be used in all kinds of scenarios. For more details about the upcoming Zendure Superbase V, you can actually join the company’s Facebook Community to be kept up to date and also chat with other users.

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