Ghostek’s Pixel Fold Case adds a bit of Protective Style to your Device


The Google Pixel Fold is undoubtedly one of the best Android foldables that you can get right now, combining Google’s beloved Pixel software features into a device that’s designed to enable users to access a wealth of productivity features, thanks to a large and portable display which conveniently folds when not in use.

It should be said however that the Pixel Fold is still first and foremost a smartphone, being that it comes with all the advantages of using one, as well as some downsides. In short, it’s still prone to damage, what with all the moving parts and glass involved in its design. As such you might want to invest in some additional protection for your Google Pixel Fold, and while there’s definitely no shortage of accessories available on the market, some tend to be unimpressive in terms of quality.

In particular, Ghostek’s Covert Case for the Google Pixel Fold offers users a way of protecting their device without resorting to an overly bulky design, which oftentimes comes with added thickness and weight. Ghostek is definitely no stranger to making mobile accessories, and the brand has experience developing protective cases for smartphones from different kinds of manufacturers.

The Ghostek Covert Case for the Google Pixel Fold adopts a similar look and feel which is seen in previous cases under the Covert product line, such as the transparent panel on the rear of the case, which allows you to see your Pixel Fold’s color underneath. This transparent shell is surrounded by a protective layer of TPU that cushions your Pixel Fold from knocks, bumps, and scuffs, and adds a bit of grip to the device as well. It’s also pretty flexible, so you can easily take it on or off your device for cleaning and such.

Since the Pixel Fold comes with support for wireless charging, Ghostek has designed the Covert case to let you continue using the wireless charging feature on the phone, without any fuss. You’ll be able to use the device with wireless charging thanks to the case’s relatively slim profile.

The case also integrates Ghostek’s R2X technology, which protects your device against impact should you happen to drop it – Ghostek states that the case can withstand drops of up to eight feet in height, adding a bit of security to your everyday handling.

In addition to keeping the sides of your Google Pixel Fold safe, the TPU edges also extend to the device’s hinge, which are a welcome addition in terms of protection. The TPU edges also come with all the proper cutouts, so you can access your charging port, cameras, and the side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Additionally, the cutouts add a bit of space between the openings and any surfaces they might come into contact with.

In terms of pricing, the Ghostek Covert case is a bit more affordable compared to most other cases for the Google Pixel Fold, coming in at just around $50 (whereas some cases even go above $100). It’s also available in several colors including a clear variant, and translucent Smoke, Black, Pink, Blue, Gray, Purple, Red, and Teal colorway.

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