TORRAS showcases new smartphone and cooling neck fan at CES 2024


CES is nearly upon us and as expected with every CES event, there are various companies who are eager to show off their new products and accessories. This year at CES, TORRAS has unveiled a couple of new products which include the Ostand R iPhone case with a built-in kickstand, along with the COOLIFY 2S, a neck air conditioner that can help keep you cool during those hot summer months.

Ostand R iPhone Case

There is an argument to be made for using official first-party cases for your smartphones. Since the companies that make your smartphone know the exact dimensions, first-party cases usually guarantee the perfect fit. But the problem with a lot of first-party cases is that they are expensive and aren’t quite as functional.

Sure, they do protect your phone, but apart from that they do feel a bit lacking especially for the price you pay for it.

If you’re looking for a case for your iPhone that’s affordable and functional, then the Ostand R case by TORRAS  is worth taking a look at. What we like about this case is that in terms of design, it is quite sleek and clean-looking, perfect for those who want a case that can protect their phone without adding too much bulk.

It also has colorful buttons for your volume rockers and Action Button that helps give it a pop of color without looking garish. Of course, in addition to looking good, it is functional and according to TORRAS, it features drop protection from up to 12 feet. The company has conducted over 30,000 drop tests and have walked away with 0% damage.

In addition to protection, there is a built-in magnetic o-ring on the back of the phone. This allows you to use the o-ring as a kickstand to prop your phone up while you’re watching movies or if you want to take photos on a timer. The use of magnets also means that you can attach it to various metallic surfaces like a car mount, on your fridge, and so on.

The best part is also its price, where at $39.99, is a great value for money for what you’ll be getting. It is available for order from TORRAS website and is compatible with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and the entire iPhone 15 lineup.

COOLIFY 2S Smart Neck Air Conditioner

There’s nothing wrong with going on an outdoor adventure, like a hike, a walk, camping, and so on. The main problem is that when you do it during the summer, it can get really hot and uncomfortable. There are a ton of portable fans available in the market right now, but if you’d rather not hold a fan in your hand, then the COOLIFY 2S by TORRAS could be an accessory you’ll want to check out.

As you can see in the photo, the COOLIFY 2S is a neck fan or neck air. One of the benefits of such a design is that by wearing it around your neck, it frees up both your hands in case you need to carry something. It also means that the fans will be close to your neck and face to help keep you cool, versus portable handheld fans where you’ll have to keep it constantly aimed at your face for it to work.

Now, the COOLIFY 2S, despite its name, actually works as both a cooler and a heater, so if you need a bit of heating during the colder months, it can do that too. It features a memory silicone padding that makes it comfortable to wear while also keeping it flexible, and can last up to 3 hours on a single charge. It can also recharge up to 80% in about 100 minutes.

If the COOLIFY 2S sounds like an accessory you could use in the summer, it is priced at $229 and is available for purchase via TORRAS website and is available in either a black or white finish.

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