Twitter introduces a sneaky change


Twitter is continuing with its shenanigans by playing around again with the wording for verified accounts and Twitter Blue subscribers. This backlash comes after the announcement of Twitter removing legacy accounts. Twitter announced the removal of legacy checkmarks as it continues to lean fully into its subscription model Twitter Blue adds a suite of features to the platform as well as a verification tick to your profile.


Users are not happy with the notion of the addition of the word “or” obfuscating who is paying for Twitter Blue and who have verified accounts before the changes that were made over at Twitter HQ.  This comes in the long line of questionable decisions that are plaguing the social media platform due to Elon Musk and co.

This is clearly an attempt to get rid of the collateral damage that is associated with putting something that was initially a value add to a platform behind a paywall. As well as deliberately trying to mislead people into who has a legacy account and who does. Regardless of the intent, the legacy tickmarks still have social clout amongst the Twitter community, and trying to leverage that by leaning into Twitter Blue to help that program grow, is misleading at best.

It’s a confusing decision at best. Erasing platform trust with users is not the play you would want to make on any platform through any medium. Blurring these lines for sake of making a profit, is not something that I can imagine will continue to trend in Twitter’s favour long term.

As usual, you can be sure that we will keep you up to date with any more changes that come to the social media platform as soon as we hear them.

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