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Who doesn’t like getting to listen to new tunes? Some of the best suggestions come in the form of Spotify Mixes, a clear fan favourite for users of Spotify. Music has the ability to be able to tap into our hearts in a very deep and emotional way be it getting nostalgic with custom decade mixes, discovering new artists with genre mixes, or the perfect song of the moment. I spend an arguably unhealthy amount of time listening to music and Spotify will not be helping as they are expanding Spotify Mixes to include niche mixes.

Niche Mixes are a series of personalized playlists that combine everything you listen to into something specifically curated for you. Spotify will give you thousands of mixes that are specific to you, based on just about any mood or vibe you are in. To access niche mixes, visit the Made for You hub under the Search tab and find 5-10 mixes you think you’ll love. If you want to be specific, look for a playlist based on whatever activity you’re doing, the mood your in, or an aesthetic that represents you and simply add the word “mix” at the end. 

So get creative! The more you search, the more music you’ll discover. Start your day with the Meditation Morning Mix, and 90’s Dance Running Mix, set the mood for a cosy night in with an Acoustic Mix, and end the night with the Sleeping Mix. So set the mood, and match your soundtrack to your life!

Spotify Niche mixes are available for all users of Spotify regardless of if you’re a free or a premium user. Right now, Niche mixes are only available for users who are viewing the content in English. While there is no word on a rollout to other languages moving forward, Spotify has a good reputation for bringing the platform to more languages. So hold tight! 

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