Twitter removes Legacy Checkmarks


Well, we all knew this was going to happen eventually, but the prophesied time has arrived. Twitter has finally decided to come for everyone who previously had a checkmark but was not a Twitter Blue subscriber.

Since Twitter Blue has now been rolled out globally people now will get access to all of those perks that that $ 8-a-month entry fee now gives you. Some of the benefits of joining Twitter Blue, bar your shiny tick mark, putting up with half the ads, undoing and editing tweets, the ability to write longer tweets, as well as a whole bunch of other features. 

When Twitter Blue was relaunched in 2022, it was limited to only iOS users in select regions. Since then, it has expanded to the web and eventually Android. Subscription access has also been gradually expanded to more regions, allowing anyone interested in additional benefits to signing up. In the US, the subscription costs $8 on the web, $11 on Android, and $12 on iOS. You’ll have to check Twitter’s FAQ for more information on pricing by country.

Government bodies and officials are encouraged to go to to apply for their specific grey tick mark which will identify them as such.

This is only the latest change in the myriad of drama and other changes that have come to the platform since Elon Musk took over the social media platform. A lot of us older veterans of the platform like myself (I have been 15 years on Twitter), saw the writing on the wall for the legacy check marks for a while. But those of us who yearned to one day get their checkmark as a goal since we were a teen, can slowly see this dream flying off into the stratosphere.

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