Twitter Blue will soon let you remove ads completely


Twitter Blue offers users a bunch of additional features that free users do not have access to, but for the most part, most users can get by without having to pay for a subscription, but now it looks like Twitter Blue is about to get a bit more attractive (and expensive).

In a tweet by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk, it seems that he isn’t too happy about the way ads are loaded onto the platform, so much so that he has announced plans to introduce a new subscription tier of Twitter Blue that will remove ads completely.

This means if you’re not using an ad blocker and aren’t thrilled with the ads displayed on Twitter, you will soon have the option of paying to remove them with a Twitter Blue subscription. There was no mention of how much this new subscription would cost and if there would be additional benefits, but it is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks.

Like we said earlier, Twitter Blue’s current feature set might not necessarily appeal to everyone who uses the platform casually, but if there is an option to remove ads from the platform, it could make it more appealing. It could also usher in new subscribers which could help with Twitter’s revenue.

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