Google Play November Updates are on the Way


Google’s move to make a certain percentage of Android features updatable through its Play System has certainly streamlined feature updates to a certain degree, thanks to a server-side implementation. With that said, Android users can expect some new updates this November, particularly with Google Wallet and parental control settings.

In particular, Google Wallet will now enable certain users (i.e. those accepting payment services) to change the Wallet logo, as well as new features for app and web developers to use within Google Wallet. As for parental controls, changes will be made to how users will be able to access the device clock – previously, any supervised users on an Android device would not be able to change the device’s clock, and the new setting in place will now limit the clock changing restriction to users who have a preset time limit in place. Of course, this is all in addition to performance and stability updates.

In other Google Play news, the Google Play Games PC beta service – which allows Android users to access their apps on PC – is now available for the US, and users can now sign up for the beta. There are only 85 titles available at the moment though, although hopefully this should increase soon. Additionally, Google is now opening its polls for users to vote on their favourite app and game of the year, which you can take part in here.

Source: 9to5Google

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