Nov 2nd, 2022

New apps are released every year and with every new phone and new software update, apps have access to more resources like hardware and software changes to make them even better than ever.

For example, newer high-end chipsets with faster cores and newer GPUs can unlock new types of games that are more complex, or new cameras will allow third-party apps to do more. So, if there has been an app or a game on your phone that you’ve really enjoyed, Google is actually inviting users to cast their vote for the Google Play Users’ Choice App and Game of the year.

Now, Google has actually shortlisted a number of apps and games that they think are most deserving, so if you’re interested, you can actually vote among these apps. The voting is now live on Google’s website and will end on the 17th of November, with the winners being announced on the 30th of November.

Users’ Choice App

Users’ Choice Game

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