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ChromeOS brings keyboard support to Android Games


A small victory today in accessibility for chrome gamers today where we receive the news that ChromeOS 15 will support keyboards for Android games.

Version 105 of Chrome began moving out a stability update; now, version 105 of ChromeOS is making its way to your beloved Chromebook. There aren’t many significant new features included, but Chromebook gamers will want to take a look at at least one of them. 

Games designed for touchscreens function perfectly, but not all Chromebooks can be converted into tablets or even have touchscreens at all. A brand-new “Alpha” gaming feature is introduced in ChromeOS 105 in an effort to solve these problems.

Google has made it easier to enable you to really utilize the keyboard on your Chromebook in place of another input device with ChromeOS 105. There aren’t many games available that integrate this new feature.

Source: Asus

The fact that Google isn’t restricting you to the usual “WASD” controls you might have anticipated for controls makes this much more intriguing. Instead, you will have the option to tailor keyboard commands to your preferences, making it simple to press the keys that are most convenient for you. Additionally, you may choose to have an overlay display in the dedicated gaming tab or remove it to save up screen space.

This does not take the place of the current need for makers to incorporate keyboard functionality in their games. It’s basically a means for you to experience a few of your beloved Games for Android on ChromeOS without having to use a touchscreen, since some games have keyboard support. 

The Chromebooks that can benefit from these additional features don’t have any restrictions. The most recent ChromeOS 105 update must be installed on your Chromebook or Chromebox. Then, download some fresh games and explore how the inclusion of a keyboard and mouse enhances your gameplay

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