Samsung One UI update to come to older foldables


Older models of Samsung’s foldables and wearables will soon be able to update to the most recent versions of One UI, gaining access to new features like multitasking, improvements for large devices, first-party app enhancements, a taskbar akin to a PC, new watch faces, as well as personalizations for Galaxy smartwatches, as well as optimizations for larger screen devices.

Galaxy Fold and Flip Lines

Samsung’s One UI 4.1.1, which was originally seen on the latest Galaxy Z line, is a version of Android 12L. The Galaxy Z Fold family of smartphones has already started to get the UI 4.1.1 upgrade internationally from Samsung, and all users should have it within the coming days.

The legacy Samsung foldables from the original Fold Upwards are due to receive an update, though we have yet to receive a timeline on when that update will come. The Taskbar, which enables speedy switching between programs and the ability to drag and drop to get a split view, are features that owners of older devices will appreciate. A two-finger gesture swipe is available for multitasking, letting you rapidly convert full-screen programs to pop-up windows or divide your screen in half for increased productivity.

The Fold & Flip 3 will also have the ability to snap selfies with the primary camera utilizing Rear Cam Selfie, make calls, return missed calls, react to texts, and change settings from the cover screen.

Samsung Smartwatches

The Galaxy Watch 5 was the first device to receive a complete release of the One UI Watch 4.5, and then the Galaxy Watch 4 and 4 Classic will be as well. As a result, there will be six additional interactive watch faces, more personalization options, and a new QWERTY keyboard. The release of Watch 4.5 has not yet received a release date from Samsung.

Samsung has announced that an independent update will be available for the Galaxy Watch 3 as well as the Galaxy Watch Active 2 at the end of September. One UI Watch 4.5’s “selected features,” including two additional customisation options, snore evaluation, and support for key health measurements like blood pressure and ECG in the Health app, will be included in this update.

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