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ChromeOS gets new Privacy Hub feature


Chromebooks may soon get a simple feature that allows them to turn off the camera with just a few keystrokes. Google looks like it’s working on a new ChromeOS privacy portal that, once released, will likely contain the entirety your privacy controls in one location.

The new hub looks to be incomplete at the present, with only one privacy option: a camera toggle. This will clearly let you choose if you’d want to do basic things like the ability to disable your webcam.

The new privacy option may be found in the ChromeOS settings menu’s security and privacy section. The privacy hub was first discovered by Chrome Unboxed in ChromeOS’ Canary branch version 105.0.5121.0, however this seems to have been around for a few weeks.

Image Source: Chrome Unboxed

The hub’s functionality is now restricted to the camera toggling. Nevertheless, Google is sure to add a few additional options when it is launched to the public. It’s possible that this includes the anti-snooping mechanism, which was uncovered last year. When someone else is peeking over your shoulder, the snooping protection feature should alert you. Another likely candidate is a comparable choice for the Chromebook’s microphone.

These features, as well as the privacy portal, are great additions to ChromeOS.

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