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Acer’s Vero 514 Chromebook was designed to be easily repaired and recycled


When we upgrade our electronic gadgets, we usually sell off the old ones, keep them in our cupboards, or throw them away. Unfortunately the latter can lead to a lot of electronic waste, and as plastic components don’t break down for a very, very long period of time, this can create an environmental problem.

This is why if you’re environmentally-conscious or if you just want to do your part for the world, then you might be interested in checking out Acer’s latest Chromebook, the Acer Vero 514, a laptop that has been designed to not only be easily repaired, but also recycled in the event that it needs to be disposed of.

According to Acer, the Vero 514 has been made out of post-consumer recycled plastic which includes the keycaps of the keyboard and its speakers. Even the touchpad surface is made out of “ocean bound” plastic. This means that instead of making brand new plastic for the laptop, Acer is reusing what’s already available.

The laptop has also been designed to be easily repaired, with the idea being that by being repairable, it would make consumers less likely to dispose of their old laptops and buy a new one when something goes wrong. Acer has achieved this by creating a simplified design that uses standard screws to make the components easier to access, as well as giving it an impact-resistant MIL-STD 810H exterior to make it better at resisting drops and bumps.

Now, obviously as nice as an environmentally-friendly laptop is, performance matters as well. Under the hood, the Acer Vero 514 comes with a 12th gen Intel Core processor featuring Intel’s Iris XE graphics. It boasts a 14-inch Full HD Corning Gorilla Glass display, 10 hour battery life, and a host of ports and connectivity options including USB-C, HDMI, and WiFi 6E.

If the Acer Vero 514 is a laptop you might be interested in, it will be available for purchase in October starting at $499.99.

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