Dark Mode to come to Google Meet


Google has announced in its most recent blog post that it will be adding a new Dark Mode called Dark Canvas to Google Meet. Devices will now have a dark user interface on the home screen while they are not on calls. Any device that has Google Meet installed on it will be able to utilise the new feature, allowing anyone to set the theme to their preferences. 

Source: Google

Google is also introducing a fresh set of Canvas wallpapers, which have been created by a variety of artists specifically to look fantastic on Google Meet hardware. Expanding Google’s Canvas Project, allows artists to present a brand-new collection of wallpapers created by leading artists, fully understanding how vital it is for your devices to look their best when they’re not in use.

These changes are made with the conscious knowledge that Google will be releasing the Series One Desk 27”. This means that not only is Google anticipating that people are sitting closer to their PCs more and more as we are remaining remote while working, but in order to facilitate a more comfortable environment, Dark Canvas will be able to support the dimming of displays while maintaining their overall look. 

The Canvas option has been divided into two options: “Canvas – light” and “Canvas – dark,” and the previous “Wallpaper” choice in the Admin interface has been renamed to “Home screen.” Each choice will include a particular selection of wallpapers that go nicely with the chosen home screen theme.

Source: Google

To take a peek at the Canvas Project, and what art is already available for you to use check out The Canvas Project for Google Meet.

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