Google’s Switch to Android app will now work with Android 12 devices


Similar to how Apple has its Move to iOS app that helps Android users move over to iPhone, Google has an app called Switch to Android that helps iOS users jump ship to Android. It used to be that it only worked with Android devices running Android 11 or earlier, but that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

According to Google’s announcement, the company has revealed that its Switch to Android app will now work with Android 12 devices. Given that most smartphones launching in 2022 come with Android 12 preinstalled, it means that users will be able to move their data from their iPhone onto their brand new Android phone a lot easier.

To be fair, there was a way that Android 12 users could import their iPhone data to their devices. It wasn’t necessarily a particularly difficult way, but it is obviously not quite as seamless as using an app. Users had to rely on a Lightning to USB-C cable, and unless you happen to own such a cable, you would need to buy one which is an added expense.

Now with Switch to Android supporting Android 12 devices, users who want to transfer their data over can do so via the app. The option to transfer over cable is still there if you prefer, but at least Android 12 users now have an alternative.

Google says that support for Switch to Android for Android 12 phones is rolling out today, so if you need to take advantage of the feature, you should be able to do so.

Source: Google

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